Friday, September 19, 2014

Studying along with Dr. Who - Pompeii

Joey is learning about history with Dr. Who.  We were pretty excited to get the opportunity to join a Facebook group where a talented Homeschool Mama created curriculum to use along with episodes of Dr. Who.  The group is called Traveling through History with Dr. Who.  So far we are half way through week 2.  Last week we learned about Pompeii after viewing the episode.

We enjoyed these extra resources:

 Amazon Prime has these great videos from New Dimension all kinds of topics.  I really like them.  They are short (great for kids attention spans) and written for kids.  We watched the one on Pompeii and the one on Volcanoes this week.

Joey is working on essays, since some of the class is creating weekly essays about the episode topics.  He is very weak in this area.  So we are working at creating longer and better essays.

They modeled and painted volcanoes out of Model Magic playdough.  These were 3D models of volcanoes so they could label the parts.

 Of course Joey build a volcano in Minecraft.
 There was also mapping activities to do.
This was a fun week learning about volcanoes.  We could've spent extra time on this subject easily.  But we are moving on in history and learning more about volcanoes in science next week.

Next Dr. Who lesson is on Queen Victoria.

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