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New Liberty Videos Review

Our kids are visual learners.  They like to watch movies and do hands-on projects when learning something.  They retain information better that way.  It's hard sometimes finding age appropriate historical documentaries.  I was very excited to get the opportunity to try out a video in a history series from New Liberty Videos.  We got the opportunity to review Warriors of Honor ($19.95).

Brian Barkley and his wife Marilyn have been producing Christian documentary videos for 30 years.  They are the faced behind New Liberty Videos.

Warriors of Honor is an 80 minute documentary film on The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  It includes 3 bonus segments on Slavery, Sam Davis, and The Palmyra Incident, which adds a little over 20 minutes of information.

The Civil War was a hard time in our countries history.  Our country was divided and it tore families apart.  Approximately 600,000 people died in the battles of the Civil War.  But why?

Warriors of Honor takes you through the causes of the Civil War.  It also looks at the lives of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Their family life, work and even their faith is looked at.  You are taken in to look at the different cultures of the North and the South as they emerged from this bloody war.

Well as boring as that may sound to some of you.....I was super excited!!!  We haven't actually covered a lot of information on the Civil War.  We have talked about it a lot since we visited so many antebellum mansions and historical areas during our travels in Tennessee.  This made for a different feel, the kids didn't have to "watch to learn" they said.  How funny, they didn't even realize they were

We used the Warriors of Honor for an educational movie time.  A little background information.  I have to watch all documentary shows/videos that we watch with the kids because we have to be very careful about what the boys watch.  This saves the boys from seeing things that can cause issues with them questioning "gray" areas of behavior and conduct.  Such as, wait a minute, "if we aren't supposed to kill, then why is he shooting him?"  When you just flip on the History Channel or other specialized channels like this, they are generally made for adults and not a younger viewing audience.  So I spend a lot of time previewing items.

This was one of those times also.  I know that Warriors of Honor was from the Christian company New Liberty Videos, but I was still worried.  How will they present information about such a bloody war and the lives of these generals for kids?  Will we spend most of the movie pressing the forward button?

I was so impressed with the way that Warriors of Honor was presented.  There was no reason to be covering eyes or pressing the forward button.  There were pictures of bodies from the battlefields, but it was not just pictures of a blood bath.  The creators used several pictures from that time period.  There were also re-enactments and

The information being presented was in a very family friendly way.  I liked the direct pointing out of their Christian faith and stories of how they treated the men that served under them.  It really felt like we were watching a "clean" video that you would watch while visiting a National Park.

Because of the length, we had to watch it over 3 days because attention spans were not there for a marathon viewing session.  The kids did enjoy the movie.  It gave the kids an eye opening view with soldier's accounts being told of what happened during the war in a very age appropriate way.

Warriors of Honor is made for general viewing of all ages.  It would be a great addition to those studying the Civil War from late elementary school through high school.  This will be a video that will be pulled out every time we look at the Civil War through the next few years.  This would even be a great addition to studies you may using the Dear America or American Girl - Addy books.  Warriors of Honor could also be added to a study of war generals.  It is a great mix of not only information and facts of the Civil War, but also the lives and families of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

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