Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Week - Week 21

This was a week of an Unschooling style for us.  I didn't want to call it a complete week off, because the kids do not handle that well.  Everyone was supposed to work on their books.  And the girls worked on badges.

I played with my new camera.  Caty spent some time earning extra points about pets for a badge...she is learning how to take care of our hermit crabs we go when we were in North Carolina.

 She learned more about them, their diets (she cut up an apple for their snack this week).  She made a little booklet about them too.

 We signed up to hear a fire safety program at a local children's museum.  Turns out it was for preschoolers and not older kids.  But they still had fun.

 Caty worked on her Artist badge.  She worked with watercolors. She did a background, traced the leaves she collected, and then painted them.

She made croissant dogs for lunch one day.  Only Joey liked them, he even thanked her for making lunch.
Here she is helping put ribbons on prizes for their Horse competition next weekend.  She made sure they all had pretty bows to be handed out to everyone that participates.
Lydia started a still life using oils.  It's a work in progress.
She was begging for something to do.  So I handed her a bag of gumdrops and some glue from the art cabinet.
She made Gum-Man (instead of Pacman).

Lydia created Ham-cakes.  They are pancakes made with ham chunks.  They were a hit!  Joey and Caty loved them.
We worked a lot of first aid this week.  Lydia is working on a splint idea here with a tongue depressor.
This was an old 4H project I was showing them on how to use a coat as a sling.
They made first aid kids that we can travel with.  

Then one day we made fairy mud.  It started out as a microwave Ivory soap experiment.

We dissected the unhatched quail eggs to see if any of them developed.  None of them did.  One seemed to have a spot that appeared to be a possible start.  But this batch was completely unsuccessful.

The boys did some reading this week.  They didn't do any structured studies.  They have next week off from structured studies also since we'll be heading to Washington DC with Daddy.

We did horseback as usual.  This is the girls favorite activity.  If they had to give up everything else they would, just so they could continue to ride and take care of horses.  We love the Stables we go to.  They are great.  And after riding, the girls are so much more pleasant!  I wish I could afford for them to ride daily!

Hope everyone has a great week!  We'll be posting updates from sunny DC over the next couple weeks!

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