Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Homeschool Travels - Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

I love the Smithsonian museums.  And Caty recently studied Amelia Earhart, so we had to visit the Air and Space Museum.  Oh the kids also LOVE Night at the Museum movies, so we knew we had to take them to see this museum.

Battling the crowds because we there on a Sunday was the biggest issue we had.

 They have a Wright Brothers exhibit.  Of course, in our study of flight we also learned about the Wright Brothers while visiting Dayton and also while visiting Kill Devil Hills, NC.  So it was neat to see the actual plane flown in Kill Devil Hills.

 People do not realize that the Wright Brothers started out making bikes.

 Learning how the plane flew
 Material that was used to make the wings.
Part of the propeller.
 The telegram telling of the success of the flight.
 Watches used by the Wright Brothers to time the flight.

 Inside a space module.

 Amelia's Lockhead...Caty was so excited!!

 Did you know she designed a line of clothing also?  This was her flight jacket.

 Seeing how heavy the weights were.

 Getting exhausted from the walking and crowds.
 World War I exhibit
 A display on the Red Baron

 Display on trench warfare.

 The dangers of No Man's Land.

This was a great museum.  I would highly advise to stay away on the weekends.  This place was so busy we couldn't stop and look/read some of the displays.  It was awful.  There was actually pushing and cutting in lines by rude patrons.  So we cut our visit short and I figure we'll go back there again soon.  We saw the main reasons we were there.....bobble head Einsteins in the gift shop....and yes they have them....and Amelia Earhart's and the Wright Brothers' planes.  So we were happy.

For more information check out the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Website.

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