Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homeschool Travels - Visiting the Castle

The Kuehners have been visiting Washington DC.  Daddy has been working a lot in the DC area lately.  So we have been going with him to keep him company.  I am way behind blogging about our adventures.  We are actually in our 3rd week in DC, and I am just now starting to blog about our first week here.  We actually were able to spend a day in DC a few years ago, so our goal was to not duplicate any of our adventures.  Although I did make an exception.  The Smithsonian Museum of American History is one of my favorites.  So we did do that again.

This week, we were able to visit the infamous Castle. The original building.

 Caty cannot resist stopping and smelling flowers.  She loves flowers!!
 Checking out a map of the National Mall with Daddy.
 These are a few of the treasures you can see right now in the Castle.  There is a bunch of construction, so treasures out are limited.

This is from the cottage of the person who owned the land where Washington DC was started.  David Burnes owned the land and negotiated with George Washington to put our nation's capital here.
 A piece of the Berlin Wall.
 A piece of the Washington Monument that someone produced art on.

 We actually saw this exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History a couple years ago.  Tradition many years ago was to take a piece of hair from a dead loved one to treasure.  This is a frame of presidential hair, until it was no longer viewed as a good tradition.
 More hair from famous people.

 The architecture in this building is beautiful!
 Watching the National Zoo cam.  The girls were excited to know we were going to see the baby that week.

 Meal place setting from the Concorde.
 He whined, but he had fun.

 Seed catalogs.  People collected these and based their decorating around the latest seed catalog covers.
 Tax stamps from early Civil War era

Space food from the 1960s....yeah time has not made it more appetizing.

 Bird eating spider....yuck!

 Head rest....yeah I dont think so.

This was a neat museum to visit.  The Smithsonian museums are free and have some very unique and neat items to see.  The next couple weeks we will be posting all the sites we have seen around DC.  

If you are looking to spend a lot of time at this location, it's not really that big.  I would budget about an hour of time at the Castle.  There are two art museums located by the entrance that are also free to visit.  We did not visit those yet, but plan too.  The 3 museum complex could be covered in about 5 hours, with lots of walking in each of the buildings.

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