Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Week - Week 22

What a week of exploring.  We spent the week with daddy in Washington DC.  He spent two days exploring with us before he headed to work.

We visited:

The Smithsonian Castle
 They are watching the baby panda on the National Zoo Cam
 The Air and Space Museum so we could see Amelia Earhart's plane
 The National Mall

 We took time to stop and smell the flowers

We visited the National Archives to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independence
 Fords Theater
 We walked past the White House
We visited Mount Vernon and the kids had fun doing a scavenger hunt together.

 We also visited the National Zoo.
 We visited the United States Botanical Gardens
 The Smithsonian American History Museum
 The Smithsonian Native American Museum
 Lydia and Joe also started archery lessons:

And the girls rode in a riding competition that was sponsored by the Stables they go to.

As I am typing this, we are actually on our way back to DC.  Joe had a last minute callback.  He really wanted us to come with him, so we are heading back.  I don't think we'll be cramming as much in this week as we did last week.  But still going to fit a few more things in that are new and unique to us.

On a personal front, I am working hard at watching my diet.  I started a low-histamine diet to go along with a condition that we suspect I have.  The doctor was not overly familiar with it, but said the course of treatment he would prescribe would make me sick, so to let him know how I attempt to get it under control before we seek possible medications.  The diet is my first step.  It is hard, because it turns out my entire diet was super high in histamines.  Ugh.  Just got to keep chugging along, but it has been extremely hard and I am struggling to keep a positive way of thinking.  My health has really taken a dive, but I am working really hard at kicking this depression and feeling better.

We had a very busy week, and we are facing another busy week.  Watch as I start posting more about our adventures at all these museum and National Parks.

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