Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Week - Week 23

We have had a couple exhausting weeks.  You know how I feel.  I know you all do.  You know those weeks where you feel like you are literally chasing after something that is just out of your reach.  This is how I am feeling.  I am working hard on Homeschool with Minecraft lessons, but just like others that are running your own business, no matter how much time I devote to the business it is never enough.  So I am going to bed late and getting up early to put together lessons for there.  It's been a challenge to keep up.  I am looking forward to a couple weeks off in December!

We did do school this week, even though we were in a hotel in Washington DC.  We did "half" school at least.  We covered basic lessons, with no real extra projects

The boys were chilling and playing their video games in some off time.  This time we had a huge 3-room suite.  It was really nice.  3 tvs, so no one was fighting.
 Our school book mess in the corner of the room.  I kept it to one-31 utility tote and the extra striped bin had our pencils, markers, pens, and sharpener in it.  I could've brought less, but I was in such a hurry, I brought too much.
This game was given to Caty by her Riding therapists.  So we packed it away with us.  She and I are enjoying these cards.
 Playing a game called 5ive Straight to help work with our numbers.
Taking a rest with her new 50.00 sleep mask from the Bureau of
We are reading the American Girl Julie books, so Lydia was doing activities from the Just for Fun Julie book.

 Joey playing Minecraft...again.
Caty and I working on her math with IXL (watch for the review this week).
 Joey working on his history.  He is learning about World War I right now.
 Lydia working on her math.  She is conquering multiplication right now.  She started using A+ Tutorsoft.  They offered a free multiplication program last week.  She seems to like that better than some of the other programs right now.  I had her doing some problems on paper to continue her online lessons to make sure she was grasping the concept.
 Caty and I working on her number and letter writing on her new "slate" from the Claude Moore Colonial Farm.
 Caty's new reading workbook.  We are struggling, so we are going back over the basics.
 Of course we had our typical sports lessons....

Archery.  Lydia  really good at this.  Still needs practice, but is a natural at it.
 Joey is doing great too.  Here he is showing off his grouping during this set.  I love this place we are going.  They are super nice!
Caty started t-ball this week with Young Athletes.  Lydia is a volunteer helper with the kids.  She likes playing with all the little ones.
And they had dance also.  Ms. Kathy brought her costumes from the Nutcracker for the kids to try on.
While we were in DC we did more exploring.....

Arlington National Cemetary
Baltimore Ships
Brayden in the submarine.
Fort McHenry

Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

We may have more time in DC coming up. If you have any suggestions for must-see activities in the area, please leave a comment and let me know!

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