Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week 25 - Landmarks, Crocheting, and Chilling at the Hotel

This week was another week in Washington DC.  But we didn't play tourist all week.  Instead we just chilled at the hotel.  I had a weird episode Monday, so the kids did some of their work, but mostly played video games and watched TV.   Tuesday we did schoolwork and caught up on what we didn't get done on Monday.  We were able to even find time to watch the new Xmen Movie in the afternoon.

I don't have pictures yet, but Lydia and I are trying our hand at crocheting again.  She unfortunately is having a hard time with the black yarn she picked out.  It's hard for her to see the individual stitches.  So we are going to try to use some of the other yarn she picked out when we get home.  She tried her hand at a special knitting/crocheting set and it just stressed her out too much.  So I showed her a basic single crochet stitch and she seems to be doing good with that, except for the color of her yarn.  I am working on a pair of leg warmers for Caty.  She wants to dress as a parrot for an upcoming geography club event.  We are working on her costume together.  She is making a mask and we are going to tackle some wings when we get home.  But she picked out a rainbow skirt to wear.  It's rather cold, so we thought leg warmers would be cute as her "legs".  I have never made leg warmers before.  I got the first one done and it doesn't look too bad.  Now to see if I can make the other leg look the  I think I am going to crochet more.  I want to make a couple large afghans for the girls in their favorite colors.

Here's Brayden working on his book work...

 Joey working on his math.
 Caty being silly with the fake mustache kit we found on clearance at the drug store.
 This week the girls and I started a human body study unit.  So we started building Caty and Lydia from the inside out.

Since we are seeing so many of our Nation's landmarks, we also started a National Landmark study.
 Brayden playing his video game and chillaxing until it's time to go and get dad from the train station.
 Lydia is learning about writing stories.
 I caught him searching for the answers for his comprehension questions, instead of actually reading each chapter.  You would think it would be easier to just read the 5 pages of each chapter so you know the answers, instead of spending so much time searching.
 Watching movies in their room.
 Lydia and I played Boggle while watching X-men.
 Enjoying cookies and milk while watching one of Brayden's favorite TV shows.

Here are some of the videos that we watched this week about the first of the landmarks we learned about.  The dome renovation is going on right now, so Caty is only used to seeing the Capitol building with the scaffolding around it.  She was shocked to see pictures of the dome without

We are played tourist on Thursday.  We plan on visiting the National Galley of Art, the Jefferson Memorial and the Library of Congress.  We keep passing these and still haven't visited either.

Since we were in DC though I really wanted them to see the buildings we read about this week.

 (This wasn't in their landmark study this week, but Brayden was learning about Thomas Jefferson this week.)
 The Capital dome restoration project in the background.
 The National Gallery of Art.
 This was the main reason for our visit here.  The bronze statue of Little Dancer.  One of the girls favorite art pieces.

 The Supreme Court Building was on our Landmark list this week.
 And our final touristy visit this week...The Library of Congress.  We started the day with Thomas Jefferson and finished it with his creation also.
 We rushed home because the girls had their dance recital Friday night.

And Joey and Lydia had archery.  They both absolutely love that class.

We have logged another week in DC and will have more to come.  Our next city to visit is Pittsburgh, PA in a couple weeks.

It's been an exhausting week of travel, yet again.  Now a day spent on cleaning....yuck.

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  1. It looks like a fun week. I am impressed that you took books with you. My kids enjoyed the body when we drew and coloured the different parts.

  2. You all saw some great sights in my home city! My kids and I don't do school work on vacations (because I just want to vacation, lol) however, tying it in with your trip makes for a more memorable experience. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I'm dropping in from weekly wrap up.