Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Homeschool Travels - International Spy Museum

This was the coolest museum and I am pretty sure in the kids Top Ten favorites places they have visited.  Just like everything else in DC....parking is horrible.

The people working in the museum were really nice.  My biggest gripe was that I felt like I was being herded through quicker than we could look at the exhibits.  This really annoys me, especially when a museum is not packed.

But the exhibits here were very neat to see.

They picked out their secret identities.

And we had to go to Spy School.
And of course, TV spies were well represented here.  We saw some great exhibits on TV spies.
As well as equipment that was used by various agencies through the years.

The kids climbed through "air shafts".

Learned how to hide their identities.

How to hide information and weapons
This was interesting.  A tunnel model of the Cu Chi tunnels near Cambodia that were used by the Viet Cong.  The army had no idea that they were living right underneath them.

How people would be smuggled out of border areas.

Submarine spy technology

Ancient spy materials...nothing better than the Trojan Horse!

Early spies from the Civil War.

We highly recommend a visit to the International Spy Museum if you are in the Washington DC area.  It was so much fun!!!  And now the kids want to watch the first Bond movies!!  Yeah!!!

It can be pricey for a large family, so be sure to watch Groupon for deals.  We were able to purchase one during our visit that cut the price in half for us.  

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