Monday, January 5, 2015

Homeschool Travels - Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry has been on my history bucket list for a while.  We were looking for something different to do, so we decided to take a side trip into Baltimore.

The rebuilt fort in the distance.

 Gunpowder room


 This area is called the bombproof and was built as a shelter to the residents of the Fort.  This area was built after the battle, but was never officially used.

 We really missed seeing the large flag flying high in the sky.

 An exhibit about the Star Spangled Banner.  Who made it, how it was made....

 Storage area for the flag.

 During World War I, Fort McHenry became a large hospital for the wounded soldiers from overseas.

 Every building is full of displays.  Some hands on and lots of video material

 Soldiers barracks....

 This large exhibit is the original cross brace that held the Star Spangled Banner.

Junior Officers Quarters

 More artillery storage

 Exploring outside.  It was VERY windy that day, but we were able to walk around the top of the Fort.

The cannons were HUGE!!!  They were on wheels so that the soliders could turn them easier.

 Exploring another underground area.  This path led down to a tunnel that could lead into the fort.

This was such a great historical field trip!!!  We learned so much, even though they do no have a flag the original size of the Star Spangled Banner flying.  There is a visitor center, which I was a little disappointed in.  But was still very nice.  Fort McHenry is a National Park, so the fees are reasonable, Only $7.00 a person unless you have a disability pass.  If you are in the Baltimore area, please add this to the list of sights you are going to see!