Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 31 & 32 - Absolutely nothing and then BAM! Trouble didn't stop....

We took the last week of December off.  Daddy had the week off too.  It turns out I got absolutely nothing accomplished...I mean nothing!!!  Our week was very, very lazy.  We did do some housecleaning.  We had over some old friends, and it was a great visit.

But we had to go back to regular life.  So the first week of January, I planned 3 days of schoolwork.  We struggled to finish everything, and the boys did have a science assignment we didn't get done.  So we will do it next week.

Joey got Brayden to play Pokemon cards with him.  That is very unusual.  I had to get a picture so I didn't forget.

 Caty is working on her pottery badge.  She is watching a video on how to make a pinch pot and working on her design.  I won't post a picture yet.  It's dried and partially painted.  We'll finish it soon.

 Lydia was also doing badge work.  She learned how to use Picmonkey photo editing software to make some swaps.
 Cutting out the swaps she was making for her friends.
 Caty made a picture schedule of what she should be doing daily.
 The boys and Lydia started an online class on Currclick called "Money doesn't grow on trees."  It's the history of money, what we use money for.  The first class went really well.

 More badgework.  Lydia and I read a book on the branches of government and she made a poster showing how they are all connected.  We talked about where each branch of the government meets, since she has seen all the buildings now.
 Wednesday was a day full of drama.  Early dr. appt., flat tire, frigid temps, two different car maintenance appointments, Live classes on the Minecraft server and a night with errands.  Nothing went right.  But we did survive.
 Doing their schoolwork at the dealership while waiting on the van.

 Being silly during errands.

We got hit hard on Wednesday and Thursday with ups and downs.  It was extremely frustrating.  But we survived.  Thursday evening we got some nasty snow and I had to drive into Michigan to pick up Joe.  The drive was horrible.  It was actually exhausting, considering I was just sitting there for 3 hours.

This was at 10:15 in the morning on Thursday.  It eventually made it up to 10.
 A group of wild turkeys we saw along the road on Friday.
 After being thrown from Annie a couple weeks ago, Caty was very nervous about going back to lessons today.  We talked about trying it and how Annie didn't mean to hurt her.  Here she was making friends with Annie again before she started riding.

We are soon off on a long adventure with Daddy.  We will be adding 5 new states to our States visited map.  I just wish this weird polar vortex would stop so that I didn't have to pack so many heavy winter items.

Watch as we travel north to south and then back south again in the next few weeks!

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