Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 34 - A Dissection, Hotel Room and Packing up

We are in our 2nd week in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We have been taking it easy this week since we had such a busy weekend.

On Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was such a wonderful trip!!!  They have a nice zoo, but the best part was spending the day with our cousins that live near here.  We haven't seen them for a couple years.  It was a beautiful day.  It wasn't without its meltdowns, but we survived.

On Sunday we took a road trip to San Antonio.  It was a 5 hour drive for us, one way.  So we packed up the cooler and headed out.  I have always wanted to see the Alamo.  On Saturday night, we let Joey watch Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.  So of course he had to ask the Security staff (who by the way were all wearing cowboy hats and sunglasses), if there was a basement.  He snickered a bit and told Joey, "Son, we have one, but you can't visit there."  I grinned and said, "You can imagine what we let him watch yesterday."  He smiled and said, "Yeah we hear that a lot."  I love security guards that have a good sense of humor and don't mind humoring Joey with the off-the-wall questions he has a tendency to ask them.  

 In San Antonio we did the River Walk boat tour.  Our guide was very good about the history of the area.
 One more treat of the day....Rainforest Cafe.  We have never taken the kids.  They all had fun, even though it was loud.

 To keep Caty distracted this week, I found a sugar cookie Ice Castle kit.  She had fun licking frosting and putting it together.  But said she doesn't want to eat it.

We'll have two more field trips tomorrow, and stops along the way to Connecticut.  Tomorrow we are going to visit the Ross Perot Science Museum again and probably the 6th Floor Museum, depending on the weather.

In our school this week,

Lydia dissected a worm for science.  She learned more about earthworms.  And yes...we did this in a hotel

A homeschool friend started a group/Book Club where we share poetry with each other.  We also try to sit down once a week and have tea and poetry together as a family.  So we had our first Tea on Tuesday.  3 of our 4 kids do not like tea.  So they had milk or juice.  I got two poetry books at Barnes and Noble that had funny poems.  I figured these would keep the interest of the kids.

Here we are working on our mailing to our friends.

 Lydia wants to start collecting Breyer Horses...ugh.  This is the first one to her collection.  It has a chapter book too.
 It was warm here in Lewisburg, so we stopped and got ice cream and ate it January.  That's a new one for us :)
 And we gave the van a much needed bath.
Our plans were shook up a bit because Lydia became ill.  So we didn't get to explore on the day that we planned, which was also our last day in Dallas area.

But we did finish all our schoolwork. Brayden is nearing the ends of his presidents book.  Joey is reading about the time in American history after World War 1.  His history is covering the expansion of manufacturing in America.  Caty is chugging along in math and is using Looney Tunes Phonics again.  She found the states of New York, Minnesota and Kentucky this week.  I don't really have a system.  Just randomly selecting them.  Lydia took her 2nd chapter test in her math curriculum.  She does not like regrouping in the thousands....but who does?!?!

It was a crazy work week for me, and of course I am way behind.  Nothing unusual there.  So I am struggling to find a way to get it all done while we are traveling the next 2 days, especially with a sick child.  It's going to be interesting.  I have a feeling I will be praying a lot.

Hope everyone had a good week.  And next week, you'll see us in Connecticut.

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