Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Homeschool Travels - Dallas Museum of Art

Nestled in Dallas is a great Art Museum!!  And best of all, you can visit for free!

They have a wonderful family area with various activities set up for the kids to do.  The girls love to sketch.

Drawing themselves.

The art ranged from classic to modern.  We all really liked this piece.


 We were doing a red scavenger hunt through the museum.  We were tracking how much red each person could spot in the art.  We were all excited to walk into a red room and seen this screen.

Thought this mirror was so pretty....oh and I had to document that I wear more than t-shirts and sweats.

More red...check out the size of that bed!

It was fun to see so many works of art in person, instead of just in books.

Edward Hopper

We had learned about cowrie shells and African traditions.  They had these really neat hats from Ancient Africa on display.

Exploring canopic jars.

And the mummy

Caty and I being silly

Bring on our Ferris Bueller.

The outside in the arts district was very pretty.

This is such a great art museum.  We have visited some extensive collections this past year, but we truly enjoyed getting lost ...yeah it's easy to get lost in this museum.  The art was beautiful and the activities were great.

I highly recommend a visit to the Dallas Art Museum.  Great family day!


  1. We love the DMA! We used to go there at least twice a year when we lived in Dalas. Do they still have the chair made out of stuffed animal pandas?

    1. Yep...it was a favorite of the girls. My picture didn't turn out :(

  2. Tons of neat things to see! I know we enjoy our local museums as well. A great way to introduce the kids to history :)

  3. I have a friend in Texas who loves Dallas Art Museum. We have a few locations near us that host art exhibits and always enjoying seeing what someone has created.