Thursday, February 19, 2015

Homeschool Travels - Ross Perot Science Museum

Another gem we found while visiting Dallas, Texas was the Ross Perot Science Museum.  We actually ran out of time to explore this wonderful museum.  This is definitely one we will visit again when we are in Dallas again.

 There is a point where you can have a view of the city taken behind you.

 Of course we visited the dinosaur section.

 Hadrosaur tracks
 T-rex leg
 The bird section was really great.  We spent a lot of time in here.  Lydia loved it.
 There were several stations where you could build your own bird.

 Examining bird vs mammal bones under the microscope.

 You could be an eagle.
 Or a Macaw.
 Using bird vision
 Comparing the various size of bird eggs.

 Finishing up her bird.

 The gem/mineral section was AMAZING!!

 This was a huge geode that you could open and close.

 Lydia really liked this section.

 There was a section and interactive ride on diagonal drilling.

 Lydia checking out the geode.

 Brayden liked this interactive puzzle.

I highly recommend this museum.  They are ASTC members, so if you have a family membership to another science museum, it may have reciprocal benefits for this museum.

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