Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Homeschool Adventures - The Boston Tea Party

Another place I have always wanted to visit, Boston.  I love all historical places.  Boston is a city rich in history.  There's Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church, Boston Harbor, and so many more places we didn't have time to visit.

But my hubby started us out with a visit to Wahlburgers.  I am a reality tv junkie, and a New Kids on the Block fan from years back....so I love watching the show Wahlburgers.

It was a fun lunch.

After lunch we headed into Boston to visit the Boston Tea Party Experience.

I wasn't sure what to expect.  This is definitely a pricey endeavor for a large family.  But they do offer AAA discounts and other travel discounts.  So ask when you are purchasing tickets.

We were all really excited to see what adventure was ahead of us.  Now we could only take pictures in certain areas.

 The first part of the experience, we were able to participate in a town hall meeting.   They handed out our disguises and the historical person we were assuming the identity of.
Lydia's character actually caught people stealing the tea from the harbor to use.  So he beat people over the head with a huge ore, "because NO ONE was going to use this tea from England."

 We got to listen Samuel Adams.
 Huzzah!!!  They taught us the lingo to shout during our raid.
 We put on our disguises and headed down the gang plank

 Huzzah!!  Joey throwing in a block of "tea"

 What was like for the sailors under the deck.

 Caty and Lydia throwing tea overboard

 An example of the oar that Lydia's persona was hitting people with.
 Our guide

 We could not find parking, and they issued a blizzard warning (This is about 12 hours before Winter Storm Juno hit Boston).  So we didn't get a chance to tour the Revere House or the Old North Church.

We can't wait to come back to Boston someday and finish walking all the historic sites that made an impact on the start of our country.

I highly recommend visiting the Boston Tea Party Experience.  The holographic part of the museum was so amazing.  The kids were enthralled.  They also have a tea box on display that was traced to be in the boxes that were thrown into the harbor.  Now that is a piece of history.    The staff was fun and friendly.  They did a great job bringing history to life.

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  1. I have never been to Boston looks like lots of fun educational things to do!