Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 39 - Mummies, Manna and Just being home

We had a very smooth week.  There were a few ups and downs as we got back into the swing of being home.  Lots of unpacking to do.  Here were the magnets we collected on our 7 week adventure.  Our fridge is very...very full.
 I decided to get a little brave and attempt a recipe creation.  It didn't turn out as I had hoped.  But the mock spaghetti sauce was a hit.  I made paleo lasagna with zucchini noodles.  Joey and Brayden both ate it.  But Joe and I both agreed we didn't love the noodles.  So I will be keep working on this creation.
 Caty started a lapbook about the movie Frozen.  We are looking at all the character strengths that we can learn from the movie.  Caty is not a huge fan of lapbooks, but she is enjoying this one.
 She was making up a song.
In History we reviewed mummies.  The girls are mummifying hot dogs.  We will be uncovering this next week.
 For our family Bible study we learned about the Israelites leaving Egypt and wandering in the wilderness.  So the kids made manna cakes to eat.
 They actually enjoyed this activity.

 Lydia and I went for
 I thought her hair was cute huh?  Lydia started the Learn to Mod class.  She is making progress on working to understand how to mod a server.  We may have to start a small one just for her to play on with mods.
 Does anyone else's kid do this?  Joey spreads his papers, books, folders and writing utensils all over everywhere.  It drives me crazy!!!  I don't understand how he does this.
 Caty and I are working on site words.  I got a cheap Frozen Memory game in the $1.00 section at Target.  Sight word
 Brayden working on his reading comprehension papers.
 Caty continuing her state study.  She is remembering some of the animals and actually telling me the "repeats".  She is starting to recognize more states on the map also.
 One of the badges Caty was working on had a requirement to find 5 things that make you happy, and keep them where you know where they are to help you. These are her 5 favorite things.
 Brayden and I working on his mixed fractions.

 Caty and I were working on finishing up some origami for her Japan project.  This was a real challenge for her.
 Lydia created a Queen Victoria sponge cake for her United Kingdom project.  It was allergen friendly, except for the egg.  Joe said it was wonderful.
 Caty and her project....
 Lydia and her project....
We started a different 4H club this week.  We are really happy with the new club.  The kids can't wait til the next meeting.
The girls did great on their World Thinking Day projects.  I was very hard of all their work.  Next week, Lydia is starting her 4H projects.

I had some ups and downs with my health.  I am quite tired of this illness roller coaster.  The highs and lows are torture.  I almost feel like I can't plan because I have such a hard time if I am not feeling well.

The boys are doing well in their Science.  They started a chapter on Matter right now.  Joey is struggling a bit on his reading comprehension.  So I may have to make some adjustments next week, since I don't want him frustrated.

Next week I have classes to get uploaded for the new session and I have a ton of cleaning to do.  The kids wrecked the house in under a week.  I am not sure how they did it.  So I have to get things back under control.  You can tell the days I don't feel well.  Those are the days you cannot walk through the house the next morning.

Hope everyone had a great week.  See you next week.

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