Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 45 - Building Circuits, Castles and Cherry Blossoms

We had a pretty mellow week.  I didn't have a ton of work for them to do.  We spent Sunday relaxing after our mass day in DC on Saturday with Joe's family.  His sister was visiting DC so we met up with them.  It was a fun, but exhausting day.  I needed Sunday to recoup from all the Walking and weight lifting from carrying the snack bag.  We toured a few Smithsonians with them and the National Mall, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

 All the cousins having lunch from the food trucks by the National Mall.
 They flew kites by the Washington Monument.
 Found a bunch of leaves and had a leaf fight.

 Selfies with Abe.
 The magnolia trees were beautiful!!
 Visited the World War II memorial

 And did a little reflecting in an empty pool.....

 That's our nephew Robbie in the middle.

On Sunday, I played a late April Fool's Day trick on them.  I had an episode Wednesday evening and didn't get to play this trick on them.  But I had all the supplies to use up.  So Sunday I told them I was making shepherd's pie for

It's CocoKrispies, green & orange Airheads (Shaped like peas and carrots)
 Add Tiny marshmallows on top
 And Bake until melted.
 They were not quite sure.....
 But thought this "dinner" was hilarious.  They all liked this treat.
 Lydia is working on the sketching/drawing series from Artistic Pursuits (watch for our review this week).  She was supposed to draw nature.  So she hung her feet out the balcony door and sketched the tree outside.  I wouldn't let her go down by herself because there were some weird things that had been going on in the area, and hotel complex.  So this worked out great.
 She is working on making change.  I bought the game Buy It Right from Amazon.  This has helped her quite a bit.  But we'll keep working on it.  I highly recommend this game.  It's a quick play, so it doesn't bog down attention spans the way Monopoly can.
 Monday was a gorgeous day, so after book work we headed to an area park.

 I read a book and watched...
 The girls and Joe had fun.  Brayden wouldn't play.  Too many kids he said.
 Tuesday was a bit rainy, but I wanted to do something.  I knew DC was getting crowded because of Cherry Blossom Festival.  The kids had been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese for months....I hate going there.  But it's safer than an arcade.  So I found a couple e coupons, and ate lunch before we left the hotel.  They played two hours, and almost had the place to ourselves!!

 Then we came back to the room and they had candy ice cream sundaes.

 Caty has started a study unit on Knights and Castles from Homeschool Legacy.  She is so excited to start this.  This week we watched a video on Castles on YouTube.  We really liked this video on castle life.

She and I are also reading and coloring the Dover coloring books on Medieval Life.

 We are also listening to:

She wanted to start a castle, but since we were heading home on Friday, I decided to wait until this week to do that project.  We will be doing that soon.

Joey continued working on his circuit work...

This week was parallel circuits...

Joey's circuit videos:

Joey watched this Bill Nye video again as a review....

 Lydia is learning how to do book reports.  This is her first book report on a Goosebumps book she had just finished reading.

 Brayden worked on Prime and Composite numbers this week.  He also kept going on his two 4H books.  He finished another Magic Tree House.  I need to find a series just a bit harder for him, but not scare him.  I think I may graduate him to the I Survived series by Summer.
 This is how you finish up your last day living in a hotel for a month.  Eating directly from ice cream
We did go into DC on Friday to see the Cherry Blossoms.  It was NUTS.  Tour buses everywhere and tons of people.  We couldn't find parking.  We should've kept our space by the Jefferson Memorial and took a taxi everywhere.  Would've worked out better for us.  We did get to see the pretty blooms though.

We traveled home on Friday and will be there a week.  Next week is our Spring Break and then we'll be back in DC.  Lots and lots of decluttering going on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a relaxing weekend!!!

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