Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week 46 - The One Week We Had Vacation

So believe it or not, we took a vacation.  No we didn't go anywhere exotic.  We were at Home....yep, just at home.  We spent the week cleaning out our basement and garage area.  The front office where Joe works when he is home was in desperate need of help also.  Cases and cases of stuff has been taken from our house.  The sad part....there is still a ton to declutter.  I come from a long line of packrats, so I admit I need help.  Some things I need to hang on to, others are just taking up space.  So trying hard to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Lydia had two riding lessons this week.  Her first was with the equestrian team that she will be riding with this year.  They restarted the season this week.  And then she had her standard lesson.  She helped out a little at the stables too by cleaning some tack.

 She's not as nervous about cleaning the hooves.
We finally got Caty back in for a lesson too.  She has been scared since she was thrown off of a horse a couple months ago.  So we haven't pushed her, but kept encouraging her to try again.  Fortunately she did.  So hoping she sticks with it.  I know she enjoys riding, but just have to help her anxiety and memory of falling.

Joey worked on one of his presents from a few weeks ago.  He and his dad put together his Star Wars LEGO AT-TE...he did a great job

I had a histamine reaction this week that took me down energy and health wise for a couple days.  I have to be even more careful for a few weeks because of all the buds/flowers opening.  Spring allergies on top of the histamines in the food sent my body reeling this week.  Sometimes I can sneak a higher histamine food, this week I wasn't able to do that.  I spent most of Thursday trying to work and taking frequent rest breaks.

The kids had med checks.  We had a couple discussions with the doctor about guardianship issues and the new HIPPA laws since Joey is almost 15.  I wanted to make sure we have our bases covered.  There are several realizations that are smacking me in the face with the boys.  In my mine I knew some limitations they would face, but hoping that they would be able to overcome them.  Unfortunately though they may not be able too.  So I am starting to concentrate on what their next school year material will be and what focus will be on.

They also had a 4H meeting this week.  The kids are about half-way through all their projects, some a little further.  They had fun at the meeting.  Caty learned more about chickens and they did a chicken craft.

The others had their regular meeting, and then Brayden suggested freeze tag as the game to play.  All the kids liked that idea.  Even Brayden got in on the fun.

Caty started Young Athletes Soccer this week.  She loves going to soccer.  Lydia is a volunteer/helper for the program.  Both the girls love going.  

Realizing I only have 6 more weeks until the start of the next school year has hit me like a brick.  So I am thinking about what we are going to do while I am cleaning off the bookshelves.  I have TONS and TONS of books and curriculum.  Just need to decide.  The kids may have a week of vacation when we get back so that I can work on planning more.  I am going to do my best to theme out the weeks and plan better than I did this year.

Well we are off to DC again for fun.  One more week and then we will have two weeks at home.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  See you next Saturday!!

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