Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 2 - Camping at the Zoo, yard work and lots of outdoor fun!

Last week was a whirlwind of activity.  I know we learned a lot of life skills last week.  Mowing, gardening, weeding, sweeping, and running around in the  They did do some math and science, but we had pretty relaxed classes.  They also did a lot of reading for the summer reading program.

We had our assessments on Monday.  That was an all day project since our assessor was nice enough to set up and meet with several of my local friends.  So we had many people going through the living room that day.

Caty rediscovered her favorite Simon game.  She loves playing this.

Joey needed to finish a few projects in his 4H electricity book.  We finally have that finished.

One afternoon was lawn work when Joe came home.  We tore about a whole bunch of dead shrubs.  I was really hoping they were just blooming late.  But alas, this winter must have killed them.  So here was a huge amount to tear out.  We needed help cleaning up the limbs, even Brayden came out when I offered to pay them to help.
Playing with the stray kittens.

In Science we learned about crickets.  Lydia is studying the crickets here.  We turned them loose today to live in our flower bed.
The ones that died due to the a/c :(
Lydia had archery camp this week.  She loves shooting archery.  Almost as much as horse riding.
Our DIY club met at a local park.  We worked on our Club master badge.
We all went out to help Joey finish is 4H Gun Safety book.
Everyone got a continued lesson.
And Lydia loved using the new bow that Grandpa bought the family to use.  Our club has an archery range also.  So after target practice, they headed over there to practice.
Daddy got in on the fun also.
The girls and I went on a campout at the zoo with our troop.  We all made matching rainbow shirts.
We slept in the hippo house.  The view from our air mattress.
After a night full of activity, the boys and Joe met us at the zoo the next morning to check out the new aquarium.
Then Joey worked on a DIY project.  Learning how to make a campfire and Cooking on an open fire.  They made french fry packets.

Joey had chili & cheese on his.
Brayden wanted to grow potatoes.  So we started three container gardens full of yukon golds.  I can't wait until fall!!

Lydia worked on her sewing project for 4H.  That is finally done also.  I will post pictures this weekend.  It turned out really well!!

Joey and Dad working on his final Electrical project.

We had a nice week.  I wish it would not have been so busy.  I feel like I am chasing my tail.  Hopefully next week it will slow down some!

Hope everyone had a great week!

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