Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 5 - Taking it easy with lots of Reading

We sort of took it easy this week.  We did our regular lessons, and the kids did a ton of reading for the summer reading program.  Caty's goal is 80 tickets.  I need to re-add her books, but I think she may be pretty close now.

Sunday we used our Read to Success tickets we earned from Six Flags.  We all had a really good time.  Even Brayden had fun.  I think we will be going back to Six Flags next year instead of the amusement park by us.  We were very impressed with how clean it was and how nice the people all were.
 We worked on schoolwork.  This week we started learning about Rollercoasters.  We read a couple books we found at Barnes and Noble and also worked on a small unit study on Rollercoasters I found at Teacher Pay Teachers.  This was mainly about roller coasters in the US.  There is some graphing and map work which I thought was cool.
 We used paper and a ping pong ball to try and make a roller coaster.  Unfortunately we didn't get far because our ping pong ball was not heavy enough to make the loop.
 Even though she isn't on a horse, she still is working on her arm strength.  Or at least when I argue with her she is.
 Working on her spelling book.
 Working on her CTC Math.
 He does do schoolwork...but only when I am angry.
 Enjoying ice cream with daddy.
 He made brownies one day.  He was proud of himself.  He even tried to crack an egg all by himself.  Normally he won't touch eggs.
 We spent a lot of time at Barnes and Noble.  We went to their Dr Who event.  The kids won a bunch of Dr. Who items.  They thought that was cool.
 The next day we went to the Magic Tree House event they hosted.  That was fun.  All the kids enjoyed this.

 It started raining hard while we were there, Lydia started reading Caty a book.  They do like each other!

Next week is our last week here.  Then we are home for a month or so.  Back to the at home activities that we leave while we are on the road.  Lots of 4H activities coming up.

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