Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 8 - 4H Fashion Review, New doors, and more Cooking

This was just a busy....busy week.  I was always doing something constantly.  You know, it's one of those times when you know you are accomplishing stuff, but can't really see anything you truly got done.

Yeah it was one of those weeks.  I spent A LOT of time painting.  I still have a ton of painting to finish.

Joe was actually home this week and we tried to accomplish some schoolwork, but there was always a distraction.  Like I mentioned, I was my own distraction working on my to-do list.  So I let some things slide.   Doesn't Brayden look so stressed.  Yep that's his tablet, which he is watching while playing his WiiU.

So this is pretty much how our week went.  I kept working and working on remodeling.  We did school and still had one more 4H category to finish up.  It was her sewing/shopping category.

Lydia's Sew Fun project has been a real challenge.   When I read her book, I missed that it needed to be a specific pattern.  She had to make pants, capris or a skirt.  Yep, totally missed that.  So she made a sundress.  It was really cute, even made a matching one for her doll.  So upset when I discovered this mistake.  So I headed to the fabric store quickly and got the materials for her, since she was in horse camp.  At least it was an easy pattern.  She pulled the project off, but bombed in judging yet again.  She had a large bag full of sewing projects, including our "mistake" project, and her Conkerr Cancer pillow cases.  She just does not interview well and WOW!!  If the judge hadn't bent over to look at the hem in her pants again, she wouldn't have seen the bag full of projects sitting by Lydia's feet.

 But while we were waiting for Lydia to go through her judging, they had a table set up where kids could sew pillows for Hospice.  Caty had fun with this and we plan to make more.

 When Lydia was done, she made one also.

 That night was the Fashion Show.  Here is Lydia modeling her Shopping for Less outfit.
 She got 3rd.
 Caty is working on the Snack Attack book from 4H.  She decided to make a twist on the yogurt parfait.  She used watermelon yogurt and watermelon.  Her dad said it was good, but Caty doesn't like greek yogurt.  So she said she won't use that one again.

 We were back to cheerleading practice after a couple weeks off.  Cheer competition is coming up quickly.
 In Joey's work, he was learning more about simple machines.  He was building with a Simple Machine K'nex set that I got on Amazon a few months ago.
 Lydia back to cooking from scratch.  Following a recipe to make homemade brownies.  Everyone but Brayden thought they were yummy.

 Lydia's new Math book finally arrived.  She is super excited to get started!!!

One day we spent getting some doors and windows replaced.  That was a long day of noise and dirt.  But they are finally in and we are grateful for that.  They make a huge difference getting in and out of the house.

Caty working on coloring her Frozen shirt.
"Helping" mom with some painting.
 One day we went shopping with my niece.  We hit the outdoor mall.  Justice, Aero, Charming Charlies and so many more.  We ended the trip with cookies and iced coffee (or at least they all did).  They had a blast.

I want a week where I don't have to leave the house.  And I can get everything done that needs accomplished each day.  The Flylady would have a heart attack around our house each day.  I am simply having a very hard time keeping up.  Maybe...just maybe soon.  I know, we need to go on another trip soon.  That will help me out a lot!

Hope everyone had a great week.

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