Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 22 - Roy Lichtenstein, Cancer Awareness Walk, Pumpkin Bread and the Circus

We finished last week out with a cookout with Grandpa and Grandma.  The kids love when they make chili and BBQ chicken on the open fire.  There was also lots of smores!!  This has been a great fall tradition this year.

On Sunday we did family pictures for my brother and sister-in-law and our kids too.  More leaves had fallen than I wanted, but we still had some good shots.

This is the kids with my brother's kids (Blake is 14 and Bryce is 12).  We haven't had a cousins shot done in a long time.

The girls did some nature hunting while we were out and about too.

Here is the kid's picture together this year.  They were excited to get to walk out onto the Maumee River.  It is really low due to lack of rain.  So the girls (and even Brayden) explored a few little pools of water.  

Brayden is so in love with cats and dogs.  He has to play with them when we are at the barn for every riding lesson.

Caty worked on a unit on Popcorn and Pumpkins this week.  She wants to learn about food.

We got the popcorn that pops off the ear.  The girls thought it was so cool.

In our pumpkin science she "dissected" a pumpkin.

Did a float/sink activity.  We compared a pie pumpkin with a regular pumpkin.

 Looked inside the seeds.

And baked up her pumpkin to make fresh pumpkin bread.

She started a little study unit on Frozen.  We are doing some character training with it and a little geography/animal learning with it.  This week she made instant snow using shaving cream and baking soda.  This was a major sensory thing.  She liked it though.  It is actually cold like snow.  Then I let her play with vinegar and watching her snow fizz.

The kids got into playing an old game we have had for years, Blik Blok.  They had a blast making new designs.

They had drawing class this week.  Learning how to draw a cylinder.

Our president this week was James Monroe.  One of his favorite meals was fried chicken with rice.  So we had fried chicken strips (GF/DF) and rice for lunch one day.

All the kids finished up their Pocket Pal Letters for our exchange this week.

Don't we all wish we could just lay around in our PJs for

On Thursday we participated in a Cancer Awareness Walk to raise money for a local organization to help cancer patients with expenses.  We made a couple t-shirts for Lymphoma Awareness since my dad just was given an all clear with his second time fighting this type of cancer.

It was SOOOOOOO cold and windy.  And then my mom's wheelchair broke.  I was hurting bad from this walk.

But they were proud of themselves.  Then I treated them to lunch out.

A stop at Walmart brought out a turkey hat that Brayden thought was hilarious.

Caty working on her schoolwork on my laptop.

My office was a huge mess last week.  I can say I know where everything is on it.

Our state this week was New York.  We planned chili dogs and carnival type foods one day for dinner, but then something happened and we didn't get to do that.  We did learn about the history of Coney Island, since we have been to New York and learned about it last year.  So we didn't do as much with the state study this week.

We did learn about Roy Lichenstein, who was from New York City.  And created our own works based on his art.

For the boys, I printed Star Wars coloring sheets.  They used cotton swabs to create the dot look of some of Lichenstein's art.

In Science, we are continuing with chemistry.  This week we learned about acids and bases.  We just bought a new chemistry kit to do experiments with.

Caty started archery this week.  She did really well.

Lydia used her Congress Award money to help pay for her new bow.  She outgrew her old one and now it is passed down to Caty.

Caty has been begging to go to the circus.  We have been trying to do something that each one of the kids would love.  A few weeks ago we went to see Guy Fieri and the circus was in Toledo, so we headed out for Ms. Caty.  They all ended up having a blast!  We rounded it out with a trip to IHOP which she has been begging to go to.  We don't eat out a ton, so this was a real treat.

We finished the night off watching Pixels and making caramel apples.

I really didn't think we did much this week, but after typing this all up....we were really busy.  We also went to the library.  I am actually amazed each week, and so glad I take pictures to help my brain stay organized.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and see you next weekend!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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