Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 23 - Presidential Reports, Archery, and Gymnastics

We started off the week with a turkey dinner.  I was craving a good old-fashioned turkey dinner.  Kroger had turkey breast and turkey legs.  I made a gf stuffing and it was all so yummy and we ate off it for a couple days.

We did a lot of schoolwork this week.  This week we had our Presidental reports to present to our Homeschool group.  The kids had all been reading books about their presidents, but we sort of waited to write the report.  Lydia is working on the report she wanted to do on James Madison.

Lydia is into reading about animals again.  She has been working on an animal workbook for the past few weeks and also using library books to learn about various species.  This week she learned about bats.

She watched this Cat in the Hat also.

We finally cleaned up some leaves and the girls played in the giant pile.

Caty made a borax snowflake and we left it in all week.  Next week we'll see how it turned out.

She is working on her reading still.  We are using a combination of many resources that seem to be working together so far.

Here she is practicing her drawing.  She is drawing figures from her Bob books.

Our state this week was Pennsylvania.  We watch Aerial America and had some Hershey bars.  We have been to PA several times, so it was pretty cool to see places we have visited on the show again.

Brayden working on drawings from the Bob books to practice for Drawing class.

In science they did the Bouncy Egg experiment.  Vinegar reacts with the calcium in the egg shells.  The kids really like this oldie.

Bouncing the egg.

Lydia Loves archery and since Daddy was home this week, we took the kids out to our sportsman club and did some target practice.  Brayden shocked us that he wanted to try.  He has now fallen in love with archery.  He started classes this week too.

For our Pennsylvania study we had Philly cheese steak sandwiches for dinner and also chicken pot pie.

One morning I was taking out the garbage and noticed the clear sky and all the planets that were visible.  So we grabbed the telescope and let Joey explore the stars.

I was not happy with their old gymnastics place, so I put them on a waitlist at another facility.  They called us Monday and told us spots opened up, so we scrambled to change the schedule and pay for the program.  I wasn't expecting them to start that quickly.

Both girls LOVED it.

In art we did oil pastels with water colors.  It was a fun project.

Brayden harvested his potatoes.  Didn't get as many as he would've liked.  So try again next year.

Finished art projects

Here's the kids doing their president reports.  The boys wanted me to hold their pictures for them.  The girls did a report on James Madison and the boys on Andrew Jackson.

We left early from the President's presentation and headed to the theater to see The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  It was a play.  I was worried about the boys liking it, but they loved it.  Brayden thought it was great!

And then we were off to archery, where Brayden joined his first class.

Barnes and Noble had a Maker Faire this past weekend. So we thought we would check it out.  Trying to encourage creativity in the boys and new hobbies.  The kids had a blast playing with the Ozobot.

And of course we had riding lessons too.

As you can tell I am posting this a few days late.  Life has been crazy hectic.  Hope everyone had a wonderful week last week!!!

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