Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 25 - We're on a Staycation!!

So we had initial plans and were supposed to be at Disney World this week.  Our plans completely changed over the summer.  We are still planning Disney, just need to wait a bit longer now.  So we have our next vacation planned for there.  This week, we decided to stay home and get a few things done and try to relax a little.  So it was a Daddy is home Staycation.

We did have a few activities we worked on this week.

On Monday it was beautiful weather.  We went to our scout meeting and practiced tying knots.  Caty really wants to learn more, so I am doing research for her to do this in the next couple weeks.

Our meeting was at a park.  Brayden wanted to get out and play.  He had fun swinging.

Then we went to the zoo with daddy.

Being very silly....

We haven't done a recent picture on the elephant.  Look at the difference of 5 years.

We got to see the red panda.

They had a blast on the ice slide.

 Brayden rode an animal on the carousel.  This was HUGE!!!  He always sits on the bench, never on an animal. Even an animal that goes up and down.  It was pretty cool!

The lights were coming on as we were leaving.  Two of Lydia's favorite animals....a bat and a giraffe.

We went through our fall bucket list and realized that we have completed everything!!

We had drawing class this week.  The kids struggled this week.  It was drawing faces.

But then we went and played games and tried laser tag.

We were planning on going with Daddy to New Mexico and Arizona.  So we watched the episodes of Aerial America on these states.  While we were watching, we worked on the scarves for Keep Toledo Warm.  The kids had fun cutting the fringes in these no-sew scarves.

In all I think they finished 40 scarves.

The girls had double gymnastics to make up for them missing a lesson last week when I was sick.  You can see Caty in the back with a block on her head balancing on the beam.

 Caty is so proud to have mastered the splits.

On Friday we visited a hidden gem in our community.  A few weeks ago they had a special on a local discount site for a family membership.  We finally went.  The National Museum of the Great Lakes was packed full of information.  We were very impressed.

The kids had fun with all the hands-on exhibits.

Then it was off to archery.

On Saturday Lydia had riding.  She was so proud of learning and practicing her cantering.  She did wonderful!

We got our first snow of the season.  Caty was in Love!!!  She threw a snowball at the door.

We had family visiting, and it turned into an impromptu sleepover.  It was nice to spend time with Joe's sister and her family.  The kids played outside for a long time.  They built a snowman together.

We had a nice week.  We stayed plenty busy and had fun together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Getting ready to get back to lessons next week!!

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