Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are You Allowing Time for Recess?

How much are you trying to cram into your days?  In most families, there's a set amount of schoolwork that needs to be accomplished each day.  Are you trying to cram too much in though and cut out the down time in order to accomplish it all?

This seems like the answer right away.  Take away down time or you could call it daily recess.  Time that you and your kids can take some time to exercise a little and clear your minds.  Some days it really does seem unnecessary and a waste of time.  Daily life is hard.  We have houses to take care of, our families to keep fed, clean and happy, and of course we are responsible for their education.  Most stay-at-home moms though are also work-at-home moms, who have an employer outside of the home or their own small business to run.  The sooner we get certain things done on one list, we can get other items tackled on our to-do list.

But in the long run, we all need that "Recess".  Even us moms.  We need to take some time each day to get out and exercise, even if it's 15-20 minutes.  The sunshine will help our attitudes and exercise will also help us a lot too.  You don't need to train for a 5K, but kick the soccer ball around with the kids for a little bit.  Or maybe take a walk up and down the block while you watch the kids ride their bikes.  Even better, ride a bike with your kids.

So the next time you are looking for a way to get more time in your day, think twice about cutting out "recess".  That 15 to 30 minutes a day will help keep your mind clearer and improve your health and energy.  So you will be able to accomplish more everyday.  If you need to cut something, take a look at your internet and television time.  You might be surprised how much time you are spending on there.

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  1. Great reminder, thanks! I keep thinking to myself, why aren't we getting outside more? This is exactly why, I cut it out to get things done.