Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 32 - Giraffe Saliva, Colonial Life and Back to the Schedule

I knew it would happen....two weeks off from the activities schedule.  And it all started back this week except horse riding.  I am way off for that.  Lydia is bugging me to get back, but I'm working on it with a possible upcoming trip.  So trying to figure that out.  4-H will be starting back next month also.  This week we started back to Youth Archery and gymnastics.  Fortunately cheerleading was cancelled so that gave me a little bit of a break.  But they have their first game on Tuesday, so hopefully we are all ready!

I did survived through Day 13 of the Whole 30.  I am feeling better in most ways.  I am getting a little tired of some of the foods.  I have to eat not only Whole 30 approved but also Low-histamine.  So it limits me just a bit more.  I hurt myself on Monday, so even though I started Pilates, I didn't get to exercise for two full days.  I could feel it.  Glad I was able to get up and going again.

In history this week, we continued learning more about the New England Colonies.  There were more discussions on religious dissension and freedoms.  The boys were not into the craft this week.  So the girls and I made colonial rag dolls based on this pattern from Restless Risa.

Our president this week was Zachary Taylor.  This is the second president to die while in office.  The mystery and intrigue over his death.....hmmm......he ate a bowl of cherries and drank a large glass of milk before he got very sick.  Was poison to blame?  Well no.  Not according to the autopsy results a few years ago.  This was a president who liked simplicity and had lots of family that was in high places.  Old Rough and Ready liked shrimp with rice, so we had that for dinner one evening...

Our state this week was Mississippi.  We enjoyed the Aerial America we watched.  But we didn't do a bunch of extra stuff this week, other than learned how to spell Mississippi.

We did go to the library one day this week.  But even though it's January in Ohio, we took advantage of the Mid-40s sunny weather and rode bikes to the library.  Probably will be the last time can do that for a few months, since temps are supposed to drop again next week to the normal bone chilling temps.

Caty learned about measuring this week.  We are going to keep working on this.  She sort of got the concept.  But thought she could put the ruler wherever she wanted.  We continued to review subtraction with borrowing.  She gets very frustrated doing these problems since she still cannot grasp why subtraction is so different than addition.

Working on sentence writing activities:

She was excited to start back gymnastics this week...

Lydia read like crazy this week.  They are all doing a reading challenge this month.  Lots of reminders, but Lydia did get all her reading in this week.

She drove me crazy working on cat stuff this week.  Trouble is she doesn't want to do the book work part of the cat project.  I am not sure what we are going to do there yet.

They went to archery class.

She was working on division and I let her use blocks.....
 Then this happened instead.....
 One of her Quick Breads projects was Cornbread.

She was also excited to start back to gymnastics.  I still need to get back into horseriding again.  I can't keep up with all their projects.

In science the girls started Sassafrass Science.  Caty was whining....said she didn't want to do animals first.  Well by Day 2 she changed her mind.  This week was African Grasslands.  They made "Giraffe saliva" and also learned about cat eyes.  Caty now claimed this is the best science.

How cat eyes reflect and "shine"

How giraffe saliva protects their lips from thorns.

Brayden was excited to make the ice cream cake he loves.  He also learned how to make whipped cream.

On Friday we had med checks, so we visited the local art museum.  They had an exhibit on the Shoe Revolution.  It was interesting to see the tennis shoes from their invention.

 These were sneakers for women in roughly 1900.  They encouraged women to be more physically fit.   Yeah....not in my opinion.
 First pay of Air Jordans.

 Playing sneaker Chutes and Ladders

 Designing their own sneaker
 Sneaker dominos

We had a pretty good week.  Got everything done for classes, just need to get myself organized again.  A little more energy and time each day would help that

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