Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 33 -The Desert, Multiplication and Division & Me & My Guy Dance

We started out Week 33 at home, cold.  We were not sure what to expect for the coming weekend.  I just assumed we would be home another 3 weeks and Joe would continue to travel without us.

Caty started working on multiplication in her Saxon math.  Lydia was working on division.  Brayden was working on division with remainders.  Needless to say that is a lot of different math levels and ways to teach.  But we made our way through.  Lydia grasped her level, Brayden did also.  Caty struggled a bit, but understood.  But that definitely kept me going.

In Science the girls learned about desert habitats with the Sassafrass Twins.  They are really enjoying this science book.  They worked on experiments on how fast reptiles can lose heat from day to night.  They also did an egg experiment that showed them the difference between chicken eggs and reptile eggs.

They all continued to work on their reading challenge for January.  Caty even decided to jump up and read some books on her own out loud!!  She is finally catching up on some very simple readers.  She still loves Bob Books, but she also can read some Dick & Jane books and the Margaret Hillert kindergarten series (yes they are old) have been wonderful for her confidence!

They had their American Girl meeting on Marie-Grace and Cecile.  There were some fun crafts.  We made pralines and brought them to share.

We were also getting ready for the girls Daddy & Me dance.

This was Caty's first dance.  I even remembered to order corsages.  The girls were excited to wear their Frozen costumes.

On Friday morning though we found out we were getting to go with Joe to Fort Lauderdale for 3 weeks.  I started packing at 4 am on Friday and going through my to-do list.  This was a trip we did not want to lose out on.  3 weeks in Florida in January!!  It has to be warmer than at our house.  Believe it or not, I had us all packed and ready to leave early Saturday morning.  We headed out on our next adventure.

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