Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 35 - Schooling at the Beach, Rainforests and Jellyfish

We had a pretty good week. We enjoyed the view from our room all week.   There were some nasty rain a couple days, but even that was pretty while staring at the ocean.

I finished up my first 30 days of the Whole 30 Diet.  I think I am going to continue with this diet.  Joe has said he is going to give it a try too.  So I am going to keep chugging along and helping Joe change around too.  We are hoping to travel with him a few more weeks before he will be gone for a while overseas.

On Sunday we went with Daddy to a local science museum in Palm Beach.  It was very small, but the kids enjoyed the few interactive activities.

I introduced Caty to Sudoku this week.  She is getting better and better with thinking games, so I thought this would be a good time to sneak this one in on her.  She had so much fun with it.

In History we read more about the Castillo de San Marcos that we visited last Sunday.  We also looked up more on Coquina, which is an unbelievable building material.

Then I had them try to build the fort in Minecraft...

On Tuesday we went to Zoo Miami and met up with a student on our Homeschool with Minecraft server.

This large iguana is in the wild.  It was very cool to see.  We saw quite a few!

Hanging at the park with our friend...

During one of the storms, a bunch of Portuguese Man-o-War were washed up on the beach.  It was quite a sight.

We found lots of sponges and coral also.

Caty is really taking off with reading this month.  She is reading up a storm and is making improvements.  She is at a late kindergarten level.  She still struggles in many ways, but has been making great improvements.  She also told me that she has now decided that she likes reading.

What a week in math.....ugh!!  I have Caty working on early multiplication/division.  Lydia is working on decimals, and Brayden is working on long division with remainders.    Math was a bit stressful for me this week.

In the girls Sassafrass science, we worked on a rainforest habitat.  We talked about various animals including sloths, poison dart frog, and the blue morpho butterfly.  We also talked about the different levels of the rainforest.

Our January reading challenge is almost over.  It's been a bit of a struggle to keep them on top of this, but I am happy that we did.  I really think it has helped Caty.  They are all enjoying the balcony reading.  How are we ever going to go back to Ohio?!?!?

In history we also covered the start of the Pennsylvania and Maryland Colonies.

The girls started a new writing program.  We are getting a chance to review Here to Help Learning Homeschool writing curriculum.  The girls are pretty excited to get started.

We had a good week and look forward to one more week at the beach!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  Linking up with other moms at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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