Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 39 - Colonial America, 4H Season Begins, and New Art

Well the kids thought I killed them this week.  They had a full 5 day week.  I want to take a little time off in April, and they are moving so well in their books that I think it's a good idea to do that.  Now, 5 days a week 3-4 hours a day....that is not killing them.  But since we are going to be home for a few weeks it makes sense to do it this way.

The girls finished up their first book in the Sassafrass Science Series, Zoology book 1.  This week we learned about oceans.

They made charts showing the layers of the ocean.

 Our experiment this week was to see how fish scales work.  The book suggested using a doll's hair.  When a doll's hair is in water it moves freely.

 But out of water it is hard to separate and lays flat.  That is how a fish feels out of water.  It needs the water for it's scales to work properly.
 We added these two books on whales and tide pools to our reading list.
  They have loved this series and we are starting Book 2 - Anatomy next week.

This week the girls started an online live art class.  I decided gymnastics was too much on me, so taking a session off.  They can take this class at home with the webcam.  They have class on separate days.  So that is nice too.  This is Lydia working on her sketch.

Here is Caty in her session.  They both really liked this and we may continue on through next session.

This week in History we learned more about life in Colonial America.  Each of the kids created their own colony.  They had to name it, make laws in it and create a flag for it.  Some of the kids even built their "capital city" in Minecraft.  We watched this video on Colonial American Values I found in Amazon.  I really like these New Dimension films.  They are included in Prime subscriptions.

Caty made Rainbow Land.

Lydia created a Horse Refuge near Chincoteague Island.  This is a beach sunset on her flag.
 Joey made like a patchwork design for his farming colony.
Brayden chose to not make a full flag.  He hates art in any form.  The laws they created were interesting.

Lydia finally has picked out her project list for 4H this year.  I took her to briefly look at the project books.  I had to cut her off.  There's only so much time to do projects and actually learn something from them.  She already has 1 project to finish up.  It was a two-year project she started last year on Animals.  It's the first level Zoology project.  So we have been working on that.  This week she learned about animals and germs that vets need to watch for.  We used the Glow-Germ Kit to simulate germs on our hands.  It was an eye opener for them.

She also almost finished her Quick Breads Project book.  This week she made cinnamon bread.  Again, so proud that when she can concentrate, I literally need to do nothing!!
 The boys and Caty thought it was great.  She is getting good with the new KitchenAid mixer.  Now we need to start working on completely cleaning up after ourselves in the kitchen.

We had a 4H meeting this week.  In Cloverbuds we learned about germs and did the GlowGerm kit that I got for Lydia's project book.  The kids thought it was a great project.  We talked about how fast germs can spread.  They also played a "get-to-know-you" game.  They rolled dice and had to answer questions.  I was so proud of Caty being able to read the dice when it was her turn.

Brayden finished up his Ohio History this week.  He is having issues with obsessing over a video game right now.  So I am working on pulling those privileges.

Caty is working on her reading and spelling as a combined subject at the moment.  She has been working with Logics of English Foundations B.  She has been enjoying it.  But loves that she can spell out her words with these letters.  She doesn't mind writing, but struggles with it.  It's hard to do when you have certain processing issues.

Caty also flew through two math lessons this week.  So I made some adjustments in her lesson plans for next week already.  She is liking what we have switched her too.  I am giving it a few more weeks to see how this momentum continues.

Lydia is doing well in her math also.  Watch for our review on Math-U-See Delta Digital Pack coming next month.

Joey is laying rather low this week.  Getting his work done and hoping I am not realizing how much he is playing his new favorite game.  Yeah....whatever he wants to believe. Of course I know.  But if he is getting his other chores and work done, I'll let it slide right now.

All-in-all, it was a busy week for me.  Health was up and down, but I am very happy with all the work they accomplished.  Hope everyone had a great week!  See you next weekend!

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