Thursday, March 10, 2016

Homeschool Travels - Legoland, Florida

Did you know that Legoland Florida offers Homeschool Days?  I didn't until a friend shared this information.  They offer discounted tickets several days each month, during the week.  You do need to reserve the tickets in advance.  Simply call and prepay for your tickets.  I was able to buy tickets for the kids and I for only a little over $80.00!!!

It was a quite a drive for me since Joe was not able to go with us.  But we packed our coolers and off we went exploring.  It was such a sight for us to see orange groves and Florida's Natural Juice factory.  We also saw a pineapple field.

The kids were soooo excited!!  Driving into the parking lots I am pretty sure they were holding their breath!  This was a great mini-vacation!!

Emmett is giving Joey bunny ears.  He was being silly so Emmett played along.

 Lego friends

The building sets were amazing!

Brayden had a permanent grin on his face all day.  It was great!  We all got pretty tired though!

Brayden was really getting into shooting the water.

Ok....there wasn't much educational about this field trip.  Social skills were practiced and I was surprised how nice this park was.  I was honestly expecting to be done in a couple hours and head back to our hotel.  We were there until close and still missed a few sections.  We were all amazed, exhausted and had a wonderful time!

I highly recommend adding this to your itinerary if you are going to be in the Orlando area.  Even if on vacation, you can take advantage of the Homeschool Days rate.

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