Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 43 - Greenhouses, Weather, More Anne Frank and States

We survived yet another week.  There were some major issues involving attitudes.  I about lost it on a daily basis.  It was mainly the girls, unless we were in a store and then the boys and the girls were working against me.

I tried using a relaxed approach again this week. It did not work at all.  I was trying to work with each kid on their 4H projects.  This totally backfired.  I didn't give them a specific list.  They revolted and didn't even want to do their reading daily.  It was awful.  We got some history and science done, but that was it.  So this will not be happening again.  They have next week off from school because we have a ton of activities to get done, and daddy is home.  So I am giving myself a bit of a break.

But this week we did do a lot with History.  We continued watching the PBS - Liberty series, as well as Liberty's Kids.  We watched the episodes of Liberty's Kids that matched up with our history textbook reading.  We have reached the Declaration of Independence and the first battles of the Revolution.  Next week each one of the kids will be writing their own Declaration of Independence from Mom and Dad.  We'll see how that

This week the greenhouse arrived.  So we spent an afternoon working on that also.  First we had to make a trip to Home Depot to get supplies for it.  We need mulch and dirt.

I was nervous taking this on.  I am not good with building things.  I was afraid we would get started and not be able to finish.
They somewhat worked together.  There was a lot of bickering.

Who was going to join what piece...I was ready to lose my mind before we were finished.
 But we did get it done, even though the winds were blowing pretty hard.  We had to use the mulch we bought as anchors instead of putting it on the ground.
 Brayden planted his carrots.  We also planted basil, saige, yellow and cherry tomatoes, zuchini and started the peas.

Brayden has been excited since the greenhouse went up.  He wants to make sure everything is watered daily.  I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't overwater the plants.

Since it was Severe Weather Awareness week, we as a group reviewed weather.  We reviewed weather terms, tornadoes, thunderstorms and how meteorologists predict the weather.  We also reviewed how to read weather maps.

Making cloud models

Made a rain gauge
 We had a downpour and got two inches.  It's a good thing Mom watches the weather and we got our rain gauge out in

 They also made thermometers, and they even worked!!

Caty and I worked on her Anne Frank project for the Women Empowering event with our Girl Scout troop.  She made a board game about what we learned.

We finally found her a new bike.  She is really enjoying it.

There were a couple nice days this week.  We rode bikes down to the library and even just rode out into the country one day.  The girls played with their cousin and sidewalk chalk one day.

We also spent a lot of time talking about Jesus Life and his death in advance of the Memorial of his death with our congregation.  They made Memorial Bread one day, which is just unleavened bread.

Caty had her last online art class.  She really has liked this.  There is a two week break and then classes start back up.  

This is her final project.  It was inspired by George Rodrigue, the artist they studied this session.

We did watch two states this week on Aerial America.  This week was Missouri and Ohio.

We also played a US Geography game.  I was surprised how many states the kids have started remembering.  Brayden was a whiz at this game.  It was fun!

Hope everyone has a great week!!  Watch next week as we participate with other Schoolhouse Review Crew Members in the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents Blog Hop!

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