Friday, April 1, 2016

Avoid Homeschool Burnout

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

There are days where you just need to kick back and have some fun.  Throw aside the lesson plans....and that can be very hard to do, and take a breather.  

Here are some suggestions....

1. Take a field trip to a local business.  Call ahead and see if there is a less busy time for them and arrange to have your children talk to the business owner.  Suggestions could be jewelry store, bakery, clothing boutique, music/book store, bowling alley, or even an ice cream shop.

2.  Have a reading marathon.  See how long you can lay around and read.  Track the number of pages each person reads.  Offer a prize for the person who reads the most and can tell about the books that they read.

3.  Read aloud a book based on a movie and then make some popcorn and watch the movie.

4.  Have a world theme day.  Spend the day learning about a country and cook easy recipes from that country.  You can visit the library and check out books or just use internet resources.  Make a map of that country or even put together their traditional dress.  You could also memorize a poem from there or build a national landmark from out of Legos or some other type of building material.

5.  Maybe you aren't feeling international, pick a region of the United States.  Do a virtual field trip.  Make some cuisine.

6.  Take a walk in your local community and learn about the history of it.  Visit the library and check out any local history books.  Compare the pictures in the book with the way the streets look now.  How much has changed through the years?  (We live in a really small we can see massive changes.)

7.  Pick an artist and learn about their life.  Try to re-create a piece of their artwork not using traditional materials.  Use jelly beans or candy...recycled materials....melted crayons instead of paint.  The options are endless.

8.  Snowed in....Take a virtual field trip.  There are thousands of options online.  You can visit Mount Vernon without leaving your living room.  Spend the day learning about George Washington and his famous home.  Simple Google the term, "Virtual Fieldtrip" and see what comes up.  Take your choice for that day!

9.  Binge watch Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.  This is a great cartoon that helps reinforce geography, science, history, and problem solving skills.  Have a world map handy so you can mark on the map where you have visited.  Print some coloring sheets from these areas of the landmarks and color as you watch.

10.  Go on a bike ride or nature walk and just get out together.  Enjoy the day.  Stop for ice cream.  Make the day special and memorable.

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