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Science Shepherd - Homeschool Introductory Science - Level B Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the Introductory Science - Level B program from Science Shepherd.

Science Shepherd Introductory Science - Level B is a complete science curriculum for Ages 9 - 11.  There are daily video lessons that are watched online and then a short workbook page can be use to reinforce what was just introduced in the video lesson.  

Science Shepherd Introductory Science includes topics such as meteorology, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, and even a session on creation. You can find a full list of the Scope and Sequence by visiting the Science Shepherd website.

Science Shepherd Introductory Science also has a more basic level for younger students, Level A.  It is written for students ages 6 - 8

The Introductory Science video course is $35.00, and the workbook is purchased separately for $15.00 (for Level B).  The video course gives you 12-month access to this level, so you can move as quickly as you would like or go slower through each one of the topics.  35 weeks of material are included.  Many homeschoolers do not follow a "typical" school year, so a full 12-month access gives you plenty of room to move through at your own speed.

The daily videos are only around 5 minutes a piece.  The Introductory Science course starts out with a full two weeks of lessons discussing Creation by God.  The nice thing we found first thing, was the short lessons and reinforcement pages could quickly be completed.  Joey was able to finish off 2 days in one.  I felt that this was a better pace with review material for him.  

As he has been progressing, he has been able to keep this pace except through certain topics that I wanted him to review more in depth under the meteorology category.  

Scattered throughout each lesson are many experiments.  Most require basic materials that you already have at home.  But Science Shepherd does provide you with a full list of materials that you need for each level.  

Each experiment is very basic, but gives your hands-on student a better understanding of the topic being learned.  

You can see from this example how the pages are easy to use and really add nothing extra to your classroom day, but are great for reinforcing the material that was learned.  

In fact, I have been having Joey do the workbook pages the next day after he has watched the videos.  He has a short memory, so this forces him to recall the material from the previous day.

Science Shepherd is a Christian, Bible-based curriculum.  The videos do reinforce a Bible-based way of learning about science.  But you are looking at Science.  I felt the videos were well written and expressed a clear view of God and science.

Joey has been doing very well, and speeding through science right now.  He seems to be enjoying the video approach that Science Shepherd Introductory Science offers.  As he finishes up this level, I will be ordering the Life Science level for both he and Brayden to start next.  Although I do wish that the videos did continue into the higher level.

If you are looking for some help with teaching basic science, Science Shepherd is definitely your helping hand.  With everything already planned out, including experiments, it takes the extra work out of a homeschool families weekly planning schedule.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out Science Shepherd materials in various levels, including the Biology and Life Science.  Take some time to check out the Review Crew blog and see how they used these materials in their homes and how they enjoyed it.

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