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Veritas Press - Self-Paced Bible New Testament 1 - The Gospels Online Review

Technology has come together with your very own Bible.  Veritas Press has created a Self-paced Bible Curriculum that we had the opportunity to review recently.  We were able to try the Veritas Press Self-Paced New Testament 1 - The Gospels Online Bible curriculum.

The Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Bible New Testament program brings your child's Bible to life in a series of live-action character stories.  We have been using the New Testament, The Gospels selection from this program for the past few weeks.  

The Gospels part of the Veritas Self-Paced Online New Testament 1 - The Gospels program takes students from Zacharias through the death of Jesus.  In 32 different lessons, your student is introduced to the Bible account of Jesus and all that surrounded his life on Earth.  They will learn through videos telling them the story, as well review materials and games.  

Written for students of all ages, Veritas Press Self-Paced Online New Testament can be used alone or as your entire curriculum or along with your own study of the Jesus life from the Bible.  

Each lesson in the Veritas Press Online Self-paced Bible curriculum have videos within that open up the discussion with your students.  Characters dressed from that time period discuss the event that is being presented to bring the event more to life.  It really helps to draw out the students and to interact and ask questions about the topics they are learning about.  This program also does a great job with reinforcing the information your student is learning through interactive games and questions.  

There are 32 Biblical events that are covered that reinforce names, dates, and events.  The Veritas Press Self-paced Bible - New Testament 1 - The Gospels program helps students to really look at the events and keep them in order during their studies.  It brings the Bible alive to students.

It doesn't matter what Bible you use, this program an be used alongside any copy of the Bible.  We were able to use it along with our study of Jesus life the last few weeks.  Each of the 32 Biblical events that your student will be learning is broken down into smaller sessions.  You can choose to do an entire lesson in one sitting or in several smaller sessions according to your child's attention span.  

The program is online, but we were able to stream the lessons through our TV and watch them together as we finished our Bible reading.  We not only at the discussion as a family, but also we could be drawn out even further with the help of our guides.

Lessons were able to be whatever length I chose.  So if it was an especially rough time, we simply adjusted the amount we would do each session.

I did like the fact that the kids could not just quickly click through sessions.  They had to take their time, because they could not move on if they did it half-heartedly.  Students are asked to repeat questions that they miss.  If a student does go through a lesson and not trying to learn, they could easily mess up and fail their graded quiz that is at the end of each lesson.

This program does a good job encouraging students to remember the historical events.  Students are given opportunity to review the answers they gave against the right answers.  That gives them plenty more opportunities to practice since you can review the questions that were on the quiz to make sure that they have gotten the information is their minds.  This also encourages the kids to take the next learning experience more seriously.  
The cost of the Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Bible New Testament 1 - The Gospels curriculum is $179.00.  That includes your video instruction and automatically graded quizzes. You can try a sample lesson by visiting the Veritas Press website.  

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out the different online Biblical programs available from Veritas Press.  Take a few moments to see how they used them in their homes and how they worked for them.

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