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ArtAchieve - Entire Level 1 Online Drawing Lesson Review

Our children that have their very creative moments.  But sometimes they need a little push in how to draw an object or re-create a work of art.  We were really excited to get an opportunity to try ArtAchieve - Entire Level 1 online program from ArtAchieve.

ArtAchieve is a new approach to art.  They believe that drawing is not a "special" skill that is only for a few people.  They encourage everyone to draw, even if you think you do not have the ability.  ArtAchieve views art as an essential skill in life.  If you think about that, it's true.  There are many times in the past few months where basic drawing skills were something that I am glad I had.  It could be as simple as drawing a map for a friend to get to your house, or it could be that I saw something I really liked and wanted to sketch.

ArtAchieve encourages students to look not only at the drawing, but also the science and even art history around the projects.  Depending on the project is what you will be learning a little more about.  The Chinese dragon has students looking into the history of this symbol in China.  ArtAchieve definitely believes that drawing can be intertwined with other subjects as your students learn.

The supplies needed are very simple.  Black sharpie, water-based coloring markers, drawing paper, coloring pencils, and oil pastels are some of the basic supplies needed.  I also found that a piece of cardboard for the kids and I to draw on with our Black Sharpie was necessary, since these types of markers have a tendency to bleed through.

As you get started with your lessons, it is an extremely user-friendly program.

With each project, there are printable worksheets to use.  One is a warmup page, and the other printable page is a copy of the artwork that you are re-creating.  Included in each lesson is a Slide presentation that you can use along with the video presentation.

Each video presentation is between 20 - 30 minutes.  You could easily stop/start your lessons to accommodate your student's attention span.  Some of our kids were able to sit through the entire drawing session, because it was drawing!  But others were not able to do it.  I really like that you can adjust this to your child's abilities.

The slideshow does a wonderful job of allowing slower students to move at their own speed if the video lesson is a bit too quick for their drawing talent.

ArtAchieve does encourage you to concentrate on your drawing and not talk.  That is literally impossible in our  But the kids did enjoy playing music while they were drawing.  They said their "drawing music" was relaxing.

We have been enjoying ArtAchieve a lot.  I have to admit, that I am enjoying ArtAchieve right along with the kids.

This was part of the Chinese dragon project.

ArtAchieve does have lessons available for you to try for free.  The cost compared to other programs is very reasonable for families.  You can buy lessons individually if you are looking to add some art to a unit study that you are working on, most individual lessons are $4.00 - $11.00 per lesson depending on the level of materials that you are purchasing.  Or you can buy a bundle, which what we have been reviewing.  We have been working through, the Entire Level 1 project bundle.  You get access to Entire Level 1 for one year for $27.00.  That is 9 art lessons for $27.00.

The girls and I can't wait to continue using ArtAchieve.  I think this program has been wonderful for Joey also.  He struggles greatly with writing, but he loves to draw.  He gets stuck sometimes since creativity isn't something he is great with.  ArtAchieve gave him the step-by-step approach he needs to try new things and allows him to slowly build up his confidence.

I encourage you to visit the ArtAchieve website and try out the free sample lessons.  They give you a wonderful chance to see how the program works and gets you started.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various levels of ArtAchieve the last few weeks.  Take some time to visit the blog and see how this program worked in their homes.

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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