Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 7 - We are on vacation and Yet Working Hard

So we had a whole lot of work to get done on 4H projects this year.  I let the kids get too far behind on them.  Normally I have a plan laid out to get everything finished.  Well this year I have been feeling a bit under the weather.  Because of this I have been too relaxed in some areas because I just don't have the energy to tackle everything.

So it was a mad dash to finish up the county projects and then get started on our State Fair projects for Girl Scouts.  It was a pretty rough week, and I am planning things a whole lot different this upcoming year so that I am not so stressed.  Why BTW didn't help my health situation.

We started the week out with the beginning of swim lessons at a local pool.  The girls were doing the classes and they did an excellent job.  Both of them made improvements.  Lydia learned to dive and to do the back stroke and breaststroke.

Lydia and Brayden had programming class.

4H projects....Brayden's harvest for the judges.

Pile of projects as they were finished.

Caty with her judge talking about bees.

They made little stuffed owls for the local hospital.  While the others were being judged, Caty went over to help at that table.

The final results were:

Joey received 1st in our county in Exploring Ponds and an Honorable Mention for his Bottle Rockets project.  He gets to go to State for our county in a couple weeks.

Brayden received an Honorable Mention for his Kitchen Science with Chemistry project.

Lydia received 3rd place in Laundry Project and 3rd place in A to Z Animals Year 2. She received Honorable Mention in Let's Make Quick Breads, Getting Started in Creative Arts (Junior), and Photography Level 1.

The girls had their online art class.

It was so hot, so I thought drinking out of my favorite fall mug would help me take the

But we were busiest getting our State Fair projects done.  The girls turned in 23 projects between the two of them!

They worked very hard to get all these projects tied up.  So we were grateful to have a week to spend with our cousins who are coming to visit.  Next week!!! Camp Kuehner!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

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