Friday, September 23, 2016 Annual Subscription Review

The Internet is full opportunities for families today.  But for as many positive opportunities there are, there are just as many dangers that could present themselves to you and your family.  How can you protect your children? has created a kid safe email provider to help give parents peace of mind in one way of their internet usage.  We had a recent chance to review the Annual Subscription.

We use email all the time in our house.  My husband works virtually, so email is an intricate part of his career.  It's necessary.  I use email for my work.  We use email to connect with family and friends.  You can send an emails to friends/family at times it's not appropriate to make phone calls.  I take advantage of that feature for overnight

We use email in our school work even.  I will email internet scavenger hunts and comprehension questions for material to the boys and they fill in the information in a return email to me.  When they are writing out research, Lydia and the boys also email me their research.  I can return with suggestions and fixes they need to make.  Typing is much easier than writing for them.  Trouble with the system we have going, there was no safety net in place.  It's regular email servers we are using. They could receive email from anyone....including that awful SPAM that seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere.  I don't really think my 14 year old needs to help a Russian bride find her way to America.

I thought I had this figured out, by opening up accounts tied to my own email account.  But even though I have the passwords, and can log in at anytime, it still doesn't mean they aren't receiving something and reading it before I get back in there to check. has now got this under control.  They provide parents with the peace of mind.  They provide a safety net for parents by having a special list that allows you to control who your child receives emails from.  You can block anyone that you decide they can no longer connect with.

Monitoring what is happening in your child's account is very easy.  You can see who they are emailing and also who is emailing them.  You can also "ground" your children when you need to and place time restrictions on when they can access and use their email.

Your child can personalize their screens....which was very fun for the girls.  There are many different designs to chose from, these are just a few: is a great resource for beginner and veteran families.  If you have really young children, just learning how to use email, I highly recommend using this program.  It is definitely peace of mind and very user friendly.  Even if you are a veteran family that uses email all the time, can still provide a great safety net for your family.

You as the parent can choose the settings for your children.  So if they are older and responsible, you can adjust those settings to not be strict.  But if something happens, you can place restrictions.  I really liked the fact that I could easily monitor what was going through the kids email accounts. is great for kids and teens.

The cost for Annual Subscription is $39.95 for a full year.  That allows for multiple accounts for your children.

If you still are not sure it will be a fit for your family, you can easily try out with their 30 day free trial.  This will make it easy for you to see if it's the right fit for your family.

We'll continue using with the kids.  It really does help keep email technology safe and affordable for families.

Several members of Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out  See how they used this with their families.  Visit the link below. Annual Subscription
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