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Spiritual Circle Journal - Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens Review

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens from Spiritual Circle Journal.

How many of you sit and doodle while you are pondering your thoughts?  I know that I do it.  People have turned their love of doodling into elaborate art journals, especially now during spiritual studies.  That is called Bible journaling.  A great way to really reinforce and think about the material you are reading in a fun way.

Spiritual Circle Journal has released a version for Children ages 8 and up.  They have found a way to encourage reluctant readers to start putting their thoughts and feelings of spiritual material down in print.  A fun way, so as to not cause students stress.

The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens has been created to give your child a feeling of independence in writing down their feelings.  Each page is the same, and allows them to fill in each page with that days scriptural material.  For kids in the early stages of journaling, this provides them with a consistent pattern which builds their confidence in working independently.

Each page contains 9 areas for spiritual growth.  They include places for:

  • Thoughts and feelings that day
  • A bible verse
  • A spot for a confession
  • A prayer request
  • A spot to reflect on how God is helping you in your life
  • Reflection of thoughts about the Bible verse
  • How can You apply the Bible verse in your life
  • How can you change your life to reflect the Bible verse
  • What do you want to thank God for

All of these are in cute little bubbles on each page.  Your child can write in them or draw pictures to reflect their feelings.  There are 66 pages with the preprinted bubbles and 66 white pages for doodling and drawing for your child.

When your child has finished this journal, there are Summary Pages to allow your children to go back through their finished pages and connect goals they set for themselves or see the many different ways that God has helped them in their lives.  Or the parent pages even suggest you can use these pages to explore the many

I did not actually take any pictures of Lydia's journal.  She has adapted to it fairly quickly.  Especially since she gets to choose what she writes and it's her that is why we didn't do pictures.  Some days she is more creative than others.  Those are the day there are more drawings.  But she knows she doesn't need to write a lot.  I think that is what she loves the most.  She doesn't even realize that she is learning while using this journal.

I like that she is building her spiritual thinking with everyday Bible verses.  She can use her own Bible, not just pre-printed from another Bible version.  With the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens, she is learning to do more than just read and recite.  She is being encouraged to think and really decide what verses mean and apply them to herself.  But again, she can choose how much writing.  It also doesn't require her to be sitting for hours....10-15 minutes a day.  A great way to help your child to start building their spiritual foundation.

The cost for the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens is only $15.00.  If you purchase 2 there is a discount and the cost is only $26.00.  This is very reasonable and the journal is well made.  It is spiral bound, which is easier for kids to keep open.  It has a sturdy cover that can withstand daily use.  The pages are thick enough for color pencil, crayon, marker and gel pens.  Whatever medium your child wishes to use.

The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens is a great option for children who are really ready to start digging into their own scriptural journey and see how it applies in their lives.  It's made for a wide age range, so it makes purchases for multiple-aged children easier.  The price is inexpensive.  It is very easy for children to use independently.  It does not make them feel like they are doing work. And it encourages their own creativity!

Several member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens.  Take some time to visit the link below to see how they used this in their homes and what their thoughts about it were.

Spiritual Circle Journal

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