Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 14 - We were supposed to be on vacation......

What a week!  Everything we wanted to do, well like always, it didn't get finished.

On Sunday we tried out the orienteering program at our local parks department.  It was incredibly HOT!!  But we all had fun steering our way around the park with compasses.

We started painting the back deck.  This was very difficult for me, because it was all ceiling.  My back and legs haven't been the best, so getting up and down off the ladder and scaffolding was horrible.  I gave in and purchased a paint sprayer.  That was a mistake also.  It was a total mess.  And guess what....yep the deck is still not finished.  I guess this project will expand into next week now.

My other projects were all built around Homeschool with Minecraft.  But those were hard to conquer because I was exhausted so bad all week.  It was just not a great week health wise for me.  There are no real answers about what is wrong.  I basically need to live with it right now.  Which is beyond frustrating because I know I am not able to do what I am capable of completing.  I am punishing myself, and that's not helpful either.

This week the kids did watch another episode of the Ken Burns series on the Civil War.  The girls finished up their reports for our Zoo Coop this week.

Joey was super excited that his Geek Fuel box arrived:

I was shocked that the girls actually got out Lego sets and built with them this week.  They haven't done that for ages.  But I really suspect that it has to do with the fact that they were watching the new Lego Girlz movie.

Caty has become obsessed with a new girls science show on Netflix called Project MC2.  They have toys and science kits for this show.  She, of course, wants them all.

The girls had cheer practice.  We have another competition coming up in October.

At the grocery store, I came around the corner and saw them all standing like this.

We went to the zoo with Joe on Friday for our Zoo Coop.  The girls made their presentations on the underground animals they chose.  Lydia learned about burrowing owls and Caty about fennec foxes.

Saturday we couldn't wait anymore, we got out our fall decorations!  The living room is all pretty for fall now.

Saturday afternoon we attended Joe's aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary party.  It was great seeing family we haven't seen in a while.  Caty had fun dancing.

Our family and Joe's sisters family with their aunt and uncle.

It was a full week, and we were always busy with something.  The deck is still on my list to finish.  The weather is going to cool off this weekend.  So hopefully I can sneak in some painting then.

Hope everyone had a great week!  See you next weekend!

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