Saturday, November 12, 2016

Farm Life in Ohio, Carnivorous Plants, More Japan and Pioneer Life

We got an opportunity to visit a farm that was original to our local area.  It was started in the very early 1900s, roughly 1901.  But has been restored to about the 1930s.  It was a fun time exploring the house and the barnyard and see how life would have been.  The kids all enjoyed it.  We had a wonderful docent and very knowledgeable.

Caty was enthralled with the kitchen.

Taking the corn off the cob and talking about how they used the cobs

He had a couple different machines to try.

We had a convention to attend on Saturday.  It was such a beautiful fall day.  Brayden was looking very handsome.

We did some shopping on Sunday.  Oh what a day!  Shopping and our kids does not equal.  The boys and Caty do not like shopping.  Lydia does.  The only thing Caty wants to shop for is makeup.  Ugh....trouble lies in the fact that Caty had to try on what we were buying.  She has a more challenging figure to put into clothes.  All the kids and Joe need new dress clothes for winter.  We were pretty successful.  Lydia found dresses right away.  Caty took a little more work, but we found her some.  Both girls got new dress shoes.  Joe was able to get a sport coat and some new clothes he needed for work.  I discovered a purse I looked at in the spring on Clearance.  I wouldn't pay full price for it ($70.00) when I first saw it.  But was very stoked when I got it for $13.00!!  The boys got some new ties and a couple new t-shirts.  Everyone was so good, at least until the very end, and earned pretzels and cheese from the Pretzel Company.   Brayden chose a bench by himself to enjoy his pretzels and cheese.  Then we came home to yard work...and yuck if my allergies didn't kick off horrible then.

Caty made dinner on Sunday night.  She made her Raddish Kids Stuffed peppers card.  She was so excited.  I tried to help a couple different times, and she said, "I got this!"  I only had to remind her how to clean her garlic and onion, and take care of the oven.  Joe said they were Excellent and the house smelled amazing!

In History we backtracked just a bit and looked more indepth at the Trail of Tears and California Gold Rush.  We found an excellent video about the Trail of Tears from the National Parks Department.

For one of our pioneer meals, the girls made homemade biscuits and jerky gravy.  They all really liked this dish.

In Science we are continuing along in our Botany Sassafras Twins book.  This week we concentrated on Carnivorous plants.  We planted a biome of carnivorous plants and can't wait to see them start to sprout.  We studied the 4 main varieties.  We watched several short videos and also read some extra science books.  The kids also did this notebooking study from In the Hands of a Child.

This video is of a sundew plant vs a fly.


We did have some trouble this week on subtraction with borrowing.  I wish we could just solve them the way they want to, but unfortunately we cannot.  We used Legos to help get us through.  I think they may have gotten it.

Caty is working on her Let's Start Cooking book.  One of her units was on Food Safety.  We found this video and I thought it was excellent.

She also looked up baking terms and learned more about those.  She didn't like either recipe that she was assigned to do.  I have to agree with her.  The one was rather disgusting, and I like to try new things.

Caty has been working hard at her Middlebury Language Beginning Spanish program.  She is really enjoying learning this new language.  It's interesting and she is really trying because of her language delay.  It's not been easy for her to vocalize the words/phrases she is learning.

The girls had their last art class for this session on Tuesday.  The both finished their projects for Henri Rousseau.

We finished up learning about Japan this week.  We looked more about the culture, traditions and the ever famous Samurai and Ninja.  We watched a few more videos.  I found a Little Travelers on Japan in our Amazon Prime.  It was definitely a look at daily life.

We filled in our country report and watched a series that a friend shared with me.  It's called Time Warp Trio.  The kids really enjoyed the one on the Samurai.  Our international meal this week was Korokke (Japanese potato croquette) with tonkatsu sauce, fried fish balls and karagge (fried chicken).

Lydia has decided to try her hand at selling rainbow plastic bracelets to earn money to purchase games and toys for local children's hospitals.  She opened up her Facebook page yesterday and getting Spreading Sunshine up and running.  We'll see how this goes.  She's got to get some inventory made.

I had to get this on film.  Lydia is helping Caty with her story problems, instead of fighting.  I was ever so grateful for that 5 minutes of love!

The girls had swimming practice two times this week.  Their first competition is on Sunday.  So they were doing lots of laps.  They can't wait!

On Friday, we enjoyed some sunshine after all our bookwork was done.  Out in the leaves the girls went.

The kids are really enjoying Joe at home again.  They are able to watch all their shows with him.  As a family we watch Supergirl and Timeless.  Joe and Brayden have shows they watch together.  It's great!!

I have been working on Caty's afghan for two years now.  I was so excited to pull it out and finish it this week.  Caty LOVED it!!   She loves rainbows.

I have Lydia's started now.  Hopefully it won't take me two years to finish the next one.  It was hard to take this around due to the weight and size.  So with traveling so much, it didn't get brought on trips.

What a week we will be begin learning about England and pioneer life.  Going to be a fun week!  See you all then!

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