Friday, December 2, 2016

Plate Tectonics, Beginning Quilting, and Decluttering

I ended up developing laryngitis.  That made for interesting reading/lesson work this week.  It's not like I can stop  I have been miserable in my chest the last couple days.  Not fun.  It's also that time of year when the cold air literally cracks my hands open.  They hurt so bad and no matter what I use, they are red and irritated and hurt.

I have been so busy with Homeschool with Minecraft lesson creation, I am just so far behind.  I feel like I am literally attached to my laptop at all times.

We got a new coffee table to use in the living room.  It has already come in handy with school work.  I can store the books we are working with that week in the table and have all my stuff ready and right on hand.  I'm already in love with this table.

We rearranged the boys room to make room for Joey's new bed.  Brayden has wanted his futon couch for a couple years now.  He has outgrown it....big time!  It had a broken leg too, so we convinced him to sleep on Joey's bed because I found a twin bed with a headboard for him.  But we had to assemble some items.  Joe had Lydia help him since one of her badges she is working on requires her to use a hammer, screwdriver, etc.  He said she did a great job.  She pretty much assembled the whole headboard by herself.  We also rearranged the boys closet to make it into a private space for Joey to work on his models.  So our couple hour project literally turned into an all day event and 24 bags were taken out for Goodwill.

From this....

To This....

That desk belonged to his Great-grandpa Waldo, who he was named after.

Putting together the frame and headboard...

My new coffee mug that Joey gave me.  He got it from his latest Geek Fuel box.  I needed it this week.

I took advantage of the Walgreen's photo sale.  I ordered prints of the kids autograph sessions at Disney so that we can finish their memory books.  This is fun putting them together.  I am going to pull these off the shelf most likely more than them.

Character/Bible Study

In our Bible studies we learned about being peaceable with all people, no matter what they have done to us or no matter if we have been attacked physically or verbally.  Our other topic was about putting others before ourselves.


We visited Mexico this week.  I read P is for Pinata with them and another Disney World book.  Did I mention how much I love this book series?  These books really open up so much more than what just regular geography books do.  Each letter introduces to a different topic or custom in that country.  This week we watched a lot of little videos on various topics centered around Mexico.  We watched videos on Diego Rivera, Frida Kohla, ballet folklorico (even though the girls knew this well already), chocolate, and so many more things.

 I was worried that they would be little kiddish....but I really like that the verse is poetic and then there is an explanation with each custom, legend or information about it.  We were covering 6-7 pages a day this week.

I wanted to make tamales, but forgot to buy the Masa flour.  So we had tostadas instead....and they were a HUGE hit.  Everyone but Joey loved theirs, and his big stick up was that I was making him try refried beans.  He's 16 and acts like a 2 year old at times over trying new or different food.


In science we learned about plate tectonics.  I had every intention of covering earthquakes also, but we had a few appointments pop up so I wasn't able to do that.  We will learn about earthquakes when we get back from Tennessee.  We used graham crackers and icing to make examples of faults we were learning about.

There was a lot of snacking and licking the knife for this experiment.


We went through our review of double digit addition/subtraction with regrouping and borrowing.  One of their assignments was to practice measuring by making a small quilt.  So I changed it up to make a pillow with a quilt top.  This was quite a challenge for the boys.  The boys suffered through, but like the pillows they made.  The girls loved this, and can't wait to start a larger quilt next month.


We worked on synonyms and antonyms this week.  Clicked very quickly for them all.


We finished up our study of the Old West.  This week we learned about cowboys and also I finished up a little more about the wars with the American Indians, including Custer's Last Stand.  We watched a great special on Annie Oakley.  She led a pretty interesting life.

We watched the Battlefield Detectives show on Little Big Horn.


We have been working with our Lego Robotics, but I feel like we are way behind in coding.  Since Lego is almost over, I am working on adding coding back into our group plan.  This week though we took advantage of the Hour of Code for Moana.  Disney has a bunch, Beymax, Frozen, Star Wars, etc.  The kids love these!


In the girls art class, they are working on metal art.  This week, they traced their suns into the metal.  The girls LOVE Ms. Sarah's Art Class at Blossoming Artists.

We did miss cheerleading and basketball this week.  Caty has been struggling with back pain.  We don't know why.  She is see a chiropractor 3 times a week.  So hopefully we can figure this out soon.  I didn't want her hurting herself further before her state swim meet this weekend.  She seems to be ok in the water, so we did keep up on swim practice.

We are traveling next week and will have lots of adventures to share with you!  Hope everyone had a nice week and see everyone next week.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! We love that alphabet geography series too; they are just amazing. We've used many of the state ones as well.