Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Animal Helpers, Finishing the Great War and Science Confusion

I didn't realize that my hubby was going to have extra days off this week.  I had our school planned out, so we made a few adjustments and kept in line.  I really thought about taking the whole week off, and then knew better.  The kids are very difficult to deal with if we take full weeks off.  So I throw in an extra day every so often and reserve the full weeks off for vacation weeks.

On Monday we had school work.  I had some independent work for the older kiddos while Caty and I worked on her multiplication.  The older kids worked on practicing their multiplication.  We talked about the great battles of World War 1.  We had discussions about the amount of people who lost their lives in this Great War.  We were able to put it into perspective for them when we started comparing how many people live in our state and the states around us.  We discussed that it was like losing everyone that lived in an entire state all at the same time.  That helped Joey realize quickly how many people this equaled out to be.

 Designing a Thank you note
 History work
Math worksheets

We covered the United States entering the War and Wilson's Fourteen Point plan.

When daddy got home from his door to door activity at our Kingdom Hall, we sat down and enjoyed a movie together.  We watched Pete's Dragon.  It's definitely different from the original Disney release.  We cried, laughed, and held our breath.  It wasn't too bad of a movie.  The kids want me to buy it for them now.

Building with Legos during one of our nature shows....

Lydia started working on her Animal Helpers badge.  This required her to look at the Human-Animal connection, how animals currently help us and how they can/will be helping us in the future.  It went along great with her upcoming Empowering Women event where her group will be presenting a report on Jane Goodall.

Science this week was a lot of videos.  I didn't take the time to plan out any specific lessons, since I haven't totally decided what direction we'll be going.  The kids finished their "earth" science curriculum.  We didn't study minerals yet.  So we will do that next week, maybe.....I'm just not sure what direction to go in Science.  We may do a vote on whether to do Rocks and Minerals or Astronomy.   So this week, the boys watched Popular Mechanics for Kids and the Girls watched Sci Girls, which they absolutely now LOVE!  We also watched some Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That and some nature shows I recorded from PBS and Nat Geo Wild.  One of my favorites was Snow Babies.  I really like the PBS Nature series and you can watch most of them as part of your Prime Membership!!

On Tuesday though after the girls riding, we attempted to go and see Sing.  I forgot about schools not being in session, yeah we didn't get to see Sing.  We went to Barnes and Noble and looked around.  Lydia had brung a friend with us and they all wanted to go to Bath and Body Works, so we did a little shopping.  Then we came home and had created our own movie theater with butter popcorn and candy.  We watched BFG, which we all really enjoyed.   All the kids did do some review work though in the am, we just skipped history that day.

Geography this week was France.  We learned about the Eiffel Tower and various areas of tourism.  It worked out really well that we are finishing up World War 1 this week and we could mark on the maps where the trenches were dug throughout France and also discuss the impact the war made on this country.

Our french meals was Chicken and potatoes made with lavender.

Lydia took a Gun course at a local range.  She had a lot of fun and they said she did excellent.  She is quite a shot.  They jokingly called her Annie Oakley, but her targets she brought home were really good.

One day Brayden was really quiet.  Turns out he figured out how to stream the Xbox1 through his laptop in his bedroom on the TV.  He was avoiding his schoolwork to play videos games.  I'm chalking this up to Critical Thinking Skills.

We decided to really encourage the kids into new hobbies.  So we got them each a present of a new hobby to try out.  We have been working hard to encourage new foods and new hobbies.  We'll see how 2017 goes.  They were excited to open up presents.

We got Joey parts for robots and models to build.  Brayden we got some new track pieces and a slot car race track.  Lydia got a nail art set to learn nail design.  Caty got a pottery wheel and doll house to put together.  They were all very excited.

We spent New Year's Eve playing games together as a family.  It was so much fun to just go through out board games.

2016 had it's ups and downs, but we finished out the year on a pretty good note.  I pray that we keep advancing in the ways that we need physically and spiritually.  I also pray that the kids continue to improve in their life skills.  I can't wait to see what is in our future this year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week also!

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