Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last day of Periodic Table Study - Candy time!!

We finished up our study of the Periodic Table of Elements with Ellen McHenry's Basement study.  This was such a detailed program, and it is really wonderful.  If you have a kiddo that LOVES and wants to learn the Periodic Table in depth, this is definitely the program you want to use with them.  

But we decided to throw a huge party to finish our Periodic Table study.  We planned a ton of candy science experiments.  

We played with pop rocks and watch the carbon reaction with carbonation in soda.

We guessed which candy would float or sink.  This activity got very heated as the kids were guessing.

They tried to build towers with spaghetti, marshmallows and gum drops.

This project was fun, and they could've spent hours trying to get their towers even taller.  They were a competitive bunch of kiddos!

We also used a Food Saver to work with the air in marshmallows.  This was another fun project.

Since we were finishing one unit, we decided our little science club would throw a little party.  We spent time together playing and having fun.  We definitely proved that homeschoolers are not unsocialized kiddos.

We are on to our next unit in a couple weeks.  We are going to be studying Trees using the Memorial Press program.  We are all super excited to be spending more time outdoors!!

I'm so grateful that we have found our little niche of homeschoolers to do this weekly science club with.  

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