Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Typing Coach - The Typing Coach Online Typing Course Review

We recently had the opportunity to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is an online course that introduces your student to the very basics of keyboarding skills.  They can work at their own pace using video, audio, and written instructions to learn classic keyboarding skills.

Proper keyboarding techniques are shown through both video and easy to print course materials.  Students will learn about how to sit properly for keyboarding (which is great to avoid wrist injuries later in life) and how to use their full hands to type first characters and then work their way up to full words by learning the entire keyboard.

Students will use both the Typing Coach Online Typing Course along with whatever work processing program that you have available.  An online testing area is available for student's to try out the new skills.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a great approach to classic keyboarding skills.  It works out great, especially for elementary level kids that may have outgrown cutesy cartoon character programs.  It was created to be used by both younger students, but could easily be used for students who are older.

I didn't learn keyboarding skills until late middle school, early high school.  The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is similar to the approach that I learned when I started learning how to type properly.  This approach allowed me to eventually make my way to professional typing in an office position, as well as winning various office skills competitions while still in school.

I have actually been looking for this type of program to help improve Lydia and Caty's keyboarding skills.  Most kids today start on computer keyboards at such a young age, that they develop their own style of typing.  We have been using The Typing Coach Online Typing Course with Lydia and Caty both.  Lydia has developed some not great keyboarding habits.  She can type well, but I wanted her to improve more on her skills.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course has been doing well with this.  Each lesson can be about 20 minutes in length for the audio lessons.  She follows along in her student guidebook.

I have noticed changes in a few of her keystrokes.  Her typing has been becoming more accurate.  Her trouble is watching the screen.   When I learned typing, we were literally always translating and watching a page, but now she is translating thoughts from her brain to the page.  So she obviously watches the screen more.  I wanted her to use The Typing Coach Online Typing Course as more of an accuracy improvement.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course has been working well for Lydia in this regard.  I like that it's the "old-fashioned" way of learning.  Learning to type doesn't need all the extra bells and whistles that some programs throw in.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course offers timed testing also, which you can have the results emailed to you.  Great item to have in their annual portfolio for assessment time.

If your student is more of a visual learner, like our Caty, they may struggle a bit.   You will not see the keys they need to hit on the screen.   I let her try one of Lydia's earlier lessons, and it didn't work out very well.  I think with a little more familiarity with the keyboard, she may not struggle as much.  So we will be trying The Typing Coach Online Typing Course with her in the future also.

But this is no big deal.  The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a very affordable option for families.  It's only $17.00 per user for an annual access pass to the program.  This is a great value, and since it's a self-paced program, if  your student needs to go over a few lessons to continue to improve, it's no big deal.  They do not need to be stressed to catch on immediately.

We will be continuing with The Typing Coach Online Typing Course and I encourage you to check this great program out.  Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach.

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