Friday, August 18, 2017

Family Loss and the Official End to County Fair Season '17

Well..... it is finally over.  It took what seemed like forever, but our county fair season is officially over.

We had a rough week with the loss of our brother-in-law.  We missed out on some fair activities to support his family.  I thought this week, since we have not been doing school, I would post the results of all the kiddos hard work this year with our county fair's open class.

Brayden Veggies

4th place - Youth Zucchini

2nd place  - Youth Cherry Tomatoes

2nd - Pumpkin Pie

3rd Place Berry pie

Brayden - 1st place Youth Chocolate Cookie (Age 11 - 15) - Smore Chocolate Chip

Joey - 3rd place Brownie (Men's Division) - Joey also got 2nd place for corn bread, 1st in mens chocolate chip cookie,  and 3rd place for pumpkin bread.

Caty - Honorable Mention - Marigold

Caty - 1st Place - Best of Class - Canned Pears

Lydia - 2nd place denim recycling project

Caty - Honorable Mention Ice Cream Sundae Paper Mache

Lydia 1st place Clay - Ages 11 - 15

Brayden - 3rd place Decorated Cookies (11-15)

Lydia - 1st place Recycle Glass

Lydia - 1st place floral arrangement (11 -15)

Me - 1st place crochet afghan

Caty - Wood project (10 & under)

Lydia - Wood project (Ages 11 - 15)

Caty - 3rd place Collage - Ages 10 and under

Caty - glass art 1st place

Lydia - glass art 1st place

Caty - Suncatcher

Caty - Feel Better decorated flower pot - 1st

Caty - thrift store find - 3rd place

Lydia - Burlap pillow - 1st place

Lydia paper mache project - (We picked the wrong category for this piece)

Lydia - Thrift store find - (repurposed toy - old tray and made magnets from dominoes) - 1st place

Me - 1st place Gourmet Cupcake - Dreamsicle and (no picture) 2nd place for my oatmeal raisin chocolate chip

Caty - refrigerator magnet

Lydia - Honorable Mention (Rabbit drawing - black and white ages 11 - 15)

Lydia - Mixed media - 2nd place

Lydia - Drawing color (ages 11 -15)

Caty - Painting - Color

Caty - jewelry (made from balloons - ages 10 and under)

Caty Sewing - Honorable Mention

Lydia - Quilt - 1st place Youth ages 15 and under

Caty - Pillows - Sewing/Gifts - 2nd place

One of the scrubby cloths I make

Caty - Clay - 2nd place

Caty - fridge magnets

Lydia - 1st place and Best of Show - Decorated Cookies Ages 11 - 15

Caty - 3rd place decorated cupcakes (Feeding flamingos)

Caty - 1st place recycled toys (Beach ball bag)

Lydia - 1st place - Recycled toy (turned a monkey game into a fall tree)

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See everyone next week.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. The week must be really hard on you. I jyust love all the craft ideas that you have posted you have very talented kids there. The pie looks delicious.