Friday, October 6, 2017

Field Trips, Nicaragua, Abraham & Sarah, and Allergy Season

It has been a horrible week for me with allergies.  The heat wave our area has been receiving has set my allergies off the charts.  I sound like I have laryngitis throughout the day.  I'm sneezing, coughing and itching.  Just to go outside and make sure Lydia was cleaning her rabbit hutch properly sent me into a full coughing spasm fit.  I can't wait for it to cool off!

We found a new home for the one rooster we know we have right now.  He was so beautiful and I love his colors.

Caty got a surprise in the mail.  We recently reviewed Carole P. Roman books and she sent Caty an autographed coloring book that goes with her early chapter book series!!

On Monday, We went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  They were having homeschool week.  It was a nice, but small aquarium.

Three of the kids did a scavenger hunt through the aquarium.  Brayden is looking at the fish scales with his magnifying glass.

Does it look like a little alien frowning at us?!?

Touch tank... sea stars, sea urchins, and really large hermit cabs

We got to get really up close and personal with the sea stars and check out those arms!

This was a fun day trip since Daddy was able to go with us.

We had bowling this week, but Joey got to skip because he had a physical.  I don't think he missed it.  I'm making him do bowling club, but with his anxiety issues, it's the best I can do to keep him going.  I can't let him curl up in a ball.  His physical was just to establish him with a new family doctor.  So everything was fine.

We made a quick trip to the library one morning after Joey off at work.

Caty found a great Pete the Cat stuffie!  She LOVES Pete the Cat!

We went out a couple times this week to watch the ISS go over head!

So we also watched a video about life on ISS also:

Working on her independent work.

The girls and I visited Nicaragua this week.  For our international meal, I made some homemade tamales.  The ones they make in Nicaragua are actually made in banana leaves, but not something we can buy locally.  So I used the standard tamale

I used the Pressure cooker and they turned out yummy!

We talked about volcanoes, since Nicaragua has over 40 volcanoes.  We have studied them last fall, so just a refresher.  We did this Steve Spangler experiment.

First you layer sand over wax cubes.

Put a little water in and start heating the jar.  I used a sauce pan to heat up the water.

We had to create a little "fracture" and the wax started seeping out the way lava would with a volcano.

In our study of Nicaragua, we also learned about the bull shark - which is the only shark that can adapt to fresh water and salt water.  There are a large amount that live in Lake Nicaragua.  We read about the sloth.

We did not have Science and Art Club this week.  So we did not do any big fancy art project.  We did continue to learn more about fall science items from our Fall EcoJournal.  I will admit, we obviously did not take any nature walks due to my allergy and histamine issues that exploded.  But we studied about planting bulbs in the fall for spring flowers and also learned a bit more about bats.  The girls hung up their bird houses also.

The girls finished bird houses from last week.

In history class this week, the girls studied Abraham and Sarah.  They wrote up a family tree to keep the family straight through Joseph.

Lydia and Caty are both chugging along in their math programs.   Lydia is pushing through and loving her Pre-Algebra, even on challenging days.  Caty actually finished Life of Fred Dogs this week.  She's doing really well.  Things are clicking fairly quickly with her.  I'm so happy for her.  Along with her Life of Fred reading, she's also practicing new skills with a Living Math program.  Everyday Caty and I read two chapters in her Life of Fred math book while she works on worksheets from her Living Math book tackling review on math skills she is trying to master.  This is working out great for her.  She is loving the Life of Fred story!

The boys are moving along in their reading/study of Story of the World Volume 1.  I'm hoping they can tackle both Volume 1 & 2 this "school year".  They are on track to be able to do that.  Both boys are working on finishing their books.  Joey is reading Around the World in 80 Days, and almost done.  He's working on writing reports.  It's not going well, but he said he enjoyed the story.  Brayden is working his way through Stuart Little.  He's recognizing story elements, so that is awesome.  He's excited to be finishing this story next week so he can watch the movie.  That's the deal we make, they read the full book and answer the comprehension guides and then they get to watch the movie when they are done.

Well that's our week!  Hope everyone is doing well!!

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  1. What a week for aquariums! You're not the only ones documenting cool aquarium field trips this week. :)

    That's an interesting volcano experiment. In reality, I won't actually give it a try, but I certainly admire your gift for hands on work!