Friday, November 3, 2017

Animal Adaptations, Stained Glass, Cambodia and Animal Homes

We started out our week having a wonderful family lunch.  Caty ordered shrimp fajitas for the first time.  She thought it was so cool!

The temps dropped down finally here and the dogs are heater hogs.

She rediscovered the Descendents' novels.

In Science Club, we finished our discussion about Animal Adaptations.  We discussed Mimicry and then watched this cool video (no matter how many times I have watched still creeps me out) ...

Some of the kids gave reports on Insects they researched a few weeks ago and they didn't get to present their reports.  Lydia is giving hers on a rare butterfly from the Amazon.

Art History

In art this week, we learned the history of Stained glass.  For their art project, they used special glass paint to create their own stained glass designs on picture frames.  This is actually a very easy project.  My friends picked up 8x10 frames at Goodwill and the kids wiped them off with glass cleaner to make sure they had a clean surface.  (Only $1.00 a piece!).  ( may have to tape or glue the glass into the frame, depending on your frame style.)   I had bought this paint for a different project and we did not get it done.  I fortunately remembered it.  Otherwise you could use white glue mixed with food coloring to paint also.  Some of the kids used a printed pattern that they place under the glass to help them guide their design.  Others drew their design free-hand.

We also watched these videos:

I'm posting the link for the book we are using, because I highly recommend it!!  It's been a great resource!

The kids also made edible stained glass.  This was a fun project and they all had fun with it.

Geography - Cambodia

This week our Student 1 news channel had a special on the trials going on in Cambodia for the leaders that took part in the Genocide.  I actually had planned on studying Belize this week, so I did a quick turn around and we learned about Cambodia instead.

Joe got us a Firestick to use for watching various channels and subs we have.  He also has an app ready for us to screenshare with our laptops, tablets and even cell phones.  I was able to connect to the TV so the girls could see the website on the big screen.  It's been a great addition to our schooling.

I am currently using maps and flags that I can print from Enchanted Learning.  Let's Go Geography had a unit on Cambodia, and that is what we used then to study from, along with this Geography Now video.

We made chicken broth with noodles for lunch.  The kids who can handle veggies sensory wise, had corn and parsley in their soup, while others just ate noodles and broth.  For dessert, we made this pumpkin custard dessert that is popular there.


In the girls history this week, we continued with the Israelites, and dug into the life of King Saul, King David, Solomon and also learned about Jonathan.  We watched this wonderful video on King David's life.

I also printed them Bible Character trading cards.  They thought these were great, and we reviewed what we had learned over the last couple of weeks from Joseph through King Solomon.

We finished off History this week learning about the Phoenician alphabet and the founding and fall of the city at Carthage.  We watched this show from Amazon Prime, which really summed up our entire reading lesson on Carthage.

The boys are reading and studying their history independently this year.  They are reading the Story of the World Series.  They are both reading Volume 1.  I have them advancing through both Volume 1 and Volume 2 this school year.

On the side, I have been having the girls do some sort of fall science project or learn about animals in some way every week.  This week, they did a unit on Animal Homes from TeacherSherpa.

Along with study they learned more about the beaver, prairie dogs, and may other animals and where they live and what type of homes they build.  So of course, I let them watch episodes of Wild Kratts on any animals that I could find that they were reading about.

The girls also started working on pumpkin poetry.  This was a neat download I got from Christian Homeschool Hub.  This week they started with Acrostic and Diamante poems.  We'll be doing 1- 2 a week for the next few weeks.  This is a review.  They took an online poetry class on a couple years ago.  So refreshing their brains. 

Lydia is doing very well in her Python class.  I am grateful for that, since I really didn't want to have to learn Python.  I know I will need to though.  She has been excited to show all her designs.  She's taking a beginning Python programming class at Udemy.  The boys are taking the same class.  They just aren't as excited.  Caty is also learning Scratch from a different class on Udemy.

Practicing and getting timed for Upcoming regional swimming competition.

In Home-Ec they learned more about appliances and used the food processor.  Caty and Lydia made deviled eggs for a get together we were having that day with friends.

The boys worked on measurements in recipes with their home-ec assignment this week.  we had to break out Mr. Measure.

Caty had a playdate with some new friends.  They did a scavenger hunt and played for hours.

They found the treasure chest.

We made a balloon dart game for them.

We ordered the girls new beds this week.  We are separating them into individual rooms.  Lydia's bed came in first and so we spent hours on Saturday gutting her room, Caty's new room and assemblingL Lydia's new bunk bed/desk combo.

And the Goodwill pile just kept growing...and I'm not done!

Still lots more work in the upcoming weeks.  More pictures as we reassemble all the rooms. 😀

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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