Friday, November 10, 2017

Fresco painting, Equine school field trip and Breakfast for Dinner

We went to the final day that Cedar Point was open.  It was COLD...but we had fun and they got to ride all their favorite coasters for the last time of the season.

On Monday, Lydia had her last equine careers class.  We took a tour of the Western Equine Department at a local university.

It was very informative and gave Lydia a lot to think about.

In Science/Art Club we finished up talking about animal migration and learned about Gioto.  For their project they made egg paints and painted on wet plaster pieces.

In Poetry, the girls worked on Limericks and Haikus.

I can't say enough times how much I love our history this year.  We are using Notgrass History - From Adam to Us.  We are using Volume 1 this year.  We sit down and do our reading, but use our Bible story book right along with our history book.  It just shows the kids how historical events line up with the Bible.  It's not a made up book.... it's real!  This week they talked about the fall of Jerusalem and more about the Israelites disobedience.

Caty and Lydia's glasses finally came in.  Joe was able to go and pick them up with them.  Lydia was very excited...Caty not so much.  But she loves her selection.  The picture doesn't really show the purple color they are.  She didn't realize that she needed to wear them as much as she needs to, and its going to take her a couple weeks to get used to.

In Home Ec this week, they read about the importance of breakfast and looked up some recipes.  I didn't have them make breakfast, they made breakfast for dinner.  So they worked together to make oven pancake and I taught Joey how to fry bacon.

Brayden working on division with fractional remainders.

A better shot of Caty in her glasses.  She is loving the Descendents book series.

I may have a slight addiction to trying new Stevia flavors.  I went shopping on Amazon and found a grape and a root beer flavor.  I also got one recommended by a friend, peppermint.  I love these caramel drops when I make ice cream.  I also ordered more cola flavored.  I love those in plain carb water.

In the kids math, Joey was struggling, so I had to take him back a grade level to review some concepts again.  Brayden and Lydia worked on special factor worksheets, to review their numbers for the math they are learning right now.  Lydia absolutely loved the coloring worksheets I found.  Caty started early multiplication concepts.  She freaked out a bit, but suddenly shocked herself with how much she actually knew.

Lydia's Python class has been pushed back a little bit because she has been loving the Innovators Tribe - Think Like an Engineer class she is taking online.  Caty is doing great with Scratch and surprising herself with how much she knows and what she can make that Sprite do.

Lydia has been working on an engineering program from Innovator's Tribe.  This week she built a water purification, and also worked on engineering car wheels.

Another one of her projects is starting using CAD drawing software.

All the kids had their typical sports programs, work schedules, etc.  So it was a busy week.  I didn't feel well and Joe helped me out a lot driving the kids to the various places they needed to be.  I was very grateful for all his help.

Lydia's riding coach texted me this shot of Lydia working hard at the stable.  We don't see this very

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!  See you next week as we continue on our adventures.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun art and science going on. I hear so many wonderful things about Notgrass History.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Teresa