Friday, November 17, 2017

Swim Meet, Cookies, New Beds, Bouldering and Movie Time

We switched up the girls rooms.  Which means new beds.  Lots of cleaning and lots of reorganizing.  So I went shopping online and the girls got new beds, and Caty's rabbit got a new hutch also.  (He's outgrown what he was in.)  I don't think the FedEx driver likes me anymore.  I may have a Wayfair shopping problem.

Lydia had a blast helping put together all the furniture.

Caty struggled deciding which bed.  She wanted a canopy, but wanted a loft bed.  She decided on the loft bed and put her tent on top of her bed.  Problem

Lydia's bed is a loft bed with a desk underneath.  She has been begging for a bed like this for several years.  She fell in love with this style when she read American Girl McKenna.  I caught her doing her math in there earlier this week. (And yes...she is horrendous about her dresser.  I constantly threaten to empty her drawers and take all her clothes to Goodwill.  She needs absolutely  She keeps everything and wears it to death.)

This is Peter's new hutch.  He has gotten so big!  I'll have to get a picture of him and post it.  It's amazing how big he has gotten.  He even has big Thumper feet!

We spent the last two weekend cleaning and organizing areas we let go while we were so busy this summer/fall.  It's been exhausting.  I finally went through all their school papers from last year and sorted/tossed what we didn't need.  I still have a couple areas to tackle this month.  But I did manage to clean off our living room bookshelves.  They were horrible where I was just stuffing books when we were done.  I went through and cleared off the shelves of anything we had outgrown and made a big donation/sell pile.  Then went back through and organized them at least by subject.  I also made sure all components of a series were stored together.

I gutted my desk area also.  I'm afraid to actually use my desk now.  I think is the cleanest that we have seen it in so long.... lol.  Maybe this weekend I'll do the budget there.

Brayden needed new shoes, so we went shoe shopping.  Just something I dread.  Caty needed new winter boots.  So off we go to the store.  Brayden fell in love with these new high tops.  It's so nice to see him excited.  Caty got boots and new tennis shoes.  I fell in love with the fact that every item was on 50% off sale!!  I was able to put them all in name brand shoes, 3 pairs for $85.00!!!  Brayden has been showing off his shoes all week.

On Sunday though the girls had their Regional Swim meet.  This swim meet decides if they qualify to go onto State Swim Meet in Columbus.  Both girls did really well.  Our whole team did awesome!

Caty earned 3 - 3rd place medals (25 m & 50 m backstroke, and part of a relay), and 1 - 1st place medal (participating in a 200 m womens swim relay)

Lydia earned 2 - 1st place (25 m breast stroke and 200 m womens relay) and a 2nd (50 m breast stroke).  That 2nd place medal was amazing!!!  She missed her race start.  She jumped in the pool and even with the delay in the start, she still got 2nd place out of 5!!!  I was holding my breath and screaming/cheering all at the same time.  It was unbelievable what she pulled off!

They both did awesome.  But we are waiting on the swim team results, since there are only a few spots and obviously we have more athletes than spots available.  So waiting on pins and needles.

In History this week, the girls learned about the Babylonian Empire and the Mede/Persian Empire.  We watched a video on Queen Esther.'s amazing how we can line up our Bible with our history curriculum.

I can't say enough how much I LOVE Notgrass From Adam to Us.  In one of their lessons this week, the girls had to create their own word search for me to do.  They had fun with this.

We had to cancel science club this week due to illness.  The girls and I still started our study of cells.  I ordered this from  I really like the other books that I have bought from this company.  I wasn't disappointed in our cell study this week.  We have a couple hands-on projects to do next week to wrap up our quick study on cells.  I'm really excited to do them with the kids.

Exploring the different types of cells and how different cells can be

Talking about the building blocks that cells are

We sort of skipped art history this week.  I was tired and we really concentrated on cells.  The girls did lots of drawing though while we have been doing our history reading, so I count that as a wash.  One day we used Art Hub for kids on Youtube to draw fall trees, and Lydia drew the corner heater with the dogs in front of it.

Caty is working on her multiplication tables.  The plan is to get through 12 by next week.  She's doing really well with it.  I have been loving using our Firestick to do her lessons on the TV.

I had them do double Home Ec lessons this week.  They were not long, and they were able to work together to make dinner and bake cookies.  But each of the 3 kids using this program were required to make a batch of cookies.  For dinner they made homemade potato soup, which they all love!

Joey made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. Joey revealed to me that he likes cooking, but really hates baking.  Too much measuring to do.  He doesn't like it.  I guess at least he will know how to do it, if he needs to.

Caty has been obsessed with trying to made crepes.  So I showed her how to make crepes for lunch one day this week.  She fell in love, and now has made them a couple times.  We created a monster.

This week was the start of our youth basketball season.  Practice is on Mondays/Thursdays.  Since Lydia works/rides on Thursday afternoons, she will on practice on Mondays.  Brayden and Caty started this week.

The girl's scout troop has a bouldering adventure set up this week.  Joey decided he didn't want to try it.  But the girls and Brayden went.  They had a lot of fun doing this, even though they said they were really cold.

They had bowling on Tuesday.

Joey is chugging along with his Frankenstein audio book, and finished it this week.  He was struggling to read it, so I found the audio available online.  He can follow along in his book, but it's much easier for him.  We learned all kinds of unique things about Mary Shelley in his literature class this week.  Let's just say the scandal left us with our jaws open!!!  I bought the 1931 version of Frankenstein and watched it with him.  He has another week of looking at this book before we start our next selection.  We are using Writing with Sharon Watson - Illuminating Literature - Characters in Crisis.

This week was Cook Night.  Our local special needs organization arranges several monthly social activities.  Brayden and Joey are both now old enough to participate.  Brayden LOVES Cook Night.  The group gets together and they make dinner together and then enjoy conversation.  This month they made ham and cheese sliders and no-bake Butterfinger Pie.  Brayden's already asking for January's time.

Schooling on the way to basketball.  Caty reading her Home-Ec notes so she can make soup.

On Friday afternoon we decided to take the afternoon off and headed to see the new movie, Daddy's Home 2.  It's a funny movie.  We all loved the first one, so I'm glad the 2nd one was good also.

Since we didn't have art club this week, I thought it would be fun to just use our favorite Youtube drawing site to do a project.  So I picked fall trees for us to try.  It was fun!

Lydia though decided to sketch the corner of the living room where the dog fell asleep in front of the heater.

Saturday morning the kids were charged with getting dinner in the crockpot.  Joey, Brayden and Caty were to make potato soup for their HomeEc project.  Brayden and Caty had to make cookies.  It was a busy day in the kitchen.

Brayden used some of his batter to make a giant cookie.

Caty made pecan shortbread cookies.  We had to hide them in the freezer from daddy...they are his favorite.

We survived yet another week...and moving forward.  Looking forward to our fall break the week of Thanksgiving.  We are going to Tennessee with Daddy that week, and have a couple fun activities planned.  So just fun reading, drawing and games are planned.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and had a wonderful week.  Linking up with other homeschool moms at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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  1. What fun! So glad you are enjoying From Adam to Us.

  2. Congrats on the swim meet results!!

    I need to do some serious cleaning out of cupboards and shelves, but I'm sick right now . . . waiting and hoping to feel human again. :)

  3. We are in a state of reorganization too. I love all of the wonderful activities you all do. How do you fit them into a week?
    Blessings, Dawn

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