Friday, December 29, 2017

Planning for High School and Beyond

I have been searching the internet for some extras for Joey and Brayden.  I wanted to share some programs that I found (Not all links are free.):

Home Economics 
Home and Economics with Howcast
High School Home Economics with Plain and Not So Plain
Creative Living Skills from Glencoe
An Old Fashioned Education
Cooking/Food Safety
Teaching Your Child to Clean with FREE Homeschool Deals
Chore Cards from Five J’s
Lessons from Clorox
Printable Chore ChartHome Cleaning with Pinterest

Kids Gardening
My First GardenGardening for Kids, Fun and Inspiring Ideas
Sewing and other Needle Crafts
Crafts and Fabric LinksSewing Book, Lessons for beginners
Online Video Lessons by Craftsy
Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
History of Fashion and Design Tutorials
Share your designs on DIY!
Crothet Lessons with Craftyminx
Managing Money
Practical Money Skills Lessons,  Resources,  and GamesVisual Economics for Kinder-2nd grade
Hands-on Banking for All ages
Checkbook LessonsMoney Instructor, “a reality based personal finance course for young adults”
Financial Literacy for High School
Consumer Math Worksheets
Economics Lessons for Elementary to High School
Family Online Links for Economic
High School Financial Planning Program
Social Media and Technology
Other Life Skills


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